Zakynthos – The ultimate guide to have an Amazing time

Zakynthos – The ultimate guide to have an Amazing time – Beautiful island and is characterized as the “Flower of the East”.

Zakynthos belongs to the Ionian Islands and is one of the most beautiful and the most famous islands of Greece and below we give you the ultimate guide to organize your journey better.

1. Best areas to stay:

Laganas and Kalamaki


Kalamaki is aimed towards older ages and Laganas at younger ages as you will find there many clubs, bars, beach bars.  Both areas have beautiful beaches that will impress you!

2. You MUST visit the famous Shipwreck


It is considered a landmark for Zakynthos and is among the most photographed places in the world. You can visit it by road and see it from above or better to visit it by boat which takes you down right to the coast where the Shipwreck is located.

Tip: The boat departs from the main port of Zakynthos and takes about 45 minutes – 1:30 (depending on the stops the captain will make for swimming)

3. Agios Sostis


It is a small island which connects to land with a small wooden bridge and it is really magnificent how they transformed a small desert island into an absolute paradise. There you can find a café as well as a beach bar.

4. Marathonisi the Turtle Island


Marathonisi is the so-called Turtle Island because there you can find many many turtles and is also the central point where the turtles lay their eggs. You can visit it by a small boat and is only 15 minutes from laganas beach.

Generally, Zakynthos is famous for its many turtles where you will see them swimming daily among the people and going out to the beach.

5. Capital of Zakynthos, also known as Chora


Another area that is necessary to visit. It stands out for its picturesqueness with beautiful architecture. Walking around Chora you will find there very nice restaurants, cafes and a large number of tourist shops that sell traditional products.

6. Bochali


Just above the capital, 10 minutes away is this small village. It will really impress you as it perhaps have the most magnificent view on the island and you can see the whole capital.

We recommend you go late in the afternoon to see the sunset while enjoying your coffee.

7. Clubbing


Clubbing is a synonym of Zakynthos since Laganas is one of the TOP party destinations in the world. Dozens of bars, clubs, beach bars, events and everything else you can imagine. Laganas is the area he never sleeps! There is no way you will not find clubs or bars open at any time of the day. It sounds crazy but it’s all true. The music starts at the beach bars and pool bars from 8am. Around 8pm the bars open on the famous Laganas Strip. Then at 11pm the doors of the big night clubs open also. And at 4am the After Clubs open as well, which usually close at 8am. 24 hours party, 7 days a week!

Zakynthos enchanted us and we have definitely put it on the list of the best holidays we have ever been to a Greek island!

What do you say, are you going there in the summer?

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