What you shall do 2 days in Gdynia, Poland


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A different European city!  In Gdynia, you will not see so much of the Gothic buildings as you see elsewhere and the simple architecture is in line with the simplicity of the city and its people.  What impressed us is the forest that surrounds the city – it is like you live in a town with the air of the mountain!

Two days are more than enough to explore the place, but if you want to spend a few carefree holidays with dives in the sea, then two more days are good enough.

However, it is good to know that the weather is not so hot and even in the summer the temperature is quite low.  We suggest you take a few cardigans with you, necessary for the evenings and for the rainy days, which from what the locals told us are not few.

What did we do?

holy maryWe went for a walk in the central street where there are shops, cafes, and restaurants.  We recommend this for the day, keeping your evening free for a more special choice.  In the central street, you will also find the Roman Catholic Parish of the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Poland.



dar pomorzaWe walked in the Marina Skwer Kościuszki where there are parks, cafés, restaurants, and museums like the Emigration Museum and the Dar Pomorza and ORP Błyskawica (ship-museums).  Dar Pomorza is a beautiful Polish full-rigged sailing ship built in 1909, and ORP Błyskawica is a Grom-class destroyer which served in the Polish Navy during World War II.



sopotWe visited Sopot town, 10-15 minutes away from Gdynia.  Sopot is a beautiful tourist town, and we liked it much.  We strolled in the streets of the square (very crowded during the summer months) discovering the “funny” house Krzywy Domek (as the locals call it), the Sopot Lighthouse and the State Gallery of Art and we let ourselves to enjoy a walk to the Molo w Sopocie.  Here, you can also dive if the weather offers generously sunny days and high temperatures.


In Sopot, you will also find the Forest Opera.  It is an impressive open amphitheater that is literally in the forest where many events are organized.


TipIt is ideal to combine this place with Warsaw city, as it is only 1 hour away with the plane and book your stay in Sopot where there are more things to do.



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