What to wear in a cold European city!

european countriesTravelling to a European city in winter is not the best thing if you are not well prepared!  The

temperatures in these cities, especially in the north, are too low and for you to endure, you need the proper clothing.  For this reason, we recommend a list of essential products so as not to ruin your beautiful vacations!


The scarf is one of the most necessary accessories you should have with you.  It will keep you warm even at the lowest temperatures.


If you want to keep your hands warm, don’t forget to take with you gloves… The cold is freezing in these cities.

Tights and high socks

For you that you are a woman, we recommend that you procure tights and even more than 50 den.  Trousers are not enough to protect you from the bitter attacks of winter.  Also, you will find useful the socks above the knee…

Cold hat or Ear straps

It’s important to keep your head warm, so don’t forget to add a hat or ear straps in your suitcase.  You’ll remember us!

Jacket or coat

NECESSARY! A hot and long jacket or coat will keep away the temperatures that can reach up to minus.


Imperative vital and if they are fur it would be even better..

If you are not accustomed to the cold, the products in the above list will complete your outfit and keep you warm at all times!! Therefore, don’t forget to arrange for some extra space in your suitcase!!


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