Vienna – Discover Classic Beauty in just 72 hours


Vienna – Festive atmosphere combined with Classic Beauty that captivates from the first moment!

We have heard and seen exciting things about this Destination.  So, this year we decided to experience the festive atmosphere of Vienna during the Holidays!

The beauty chic and sophistication of this city is something you cannot doubt!

Only 72 hours and the experience is unique – see how to spend these hours:

  1. We recommend staying close to downtown to keep up with the festive atmosphere and not waste time travelling
  2. The first stop is the Opera House – a flagship building that earns you (every night it airs outside the Opera House Live each performance) – the ideal is to go for live performance.vienna
  3. Walk and shop on the famous Kärntner Strasse Pedestrian Street – and for more expensive tastes, go to Der Graben Street (left of St. Stephen’s Cathedral) – wherever you walk in the historic center you will see something that will impress you.
  4. St’ Stephen’s Cathedral – wherever you are in the center you can see it, and it lights up in the evening (if you walk the Kärntner Strasse pedestrian street you will end up in the Cathedral square)vienna st. stephen
  5. Sightseeing – Ideal for out-of-center tours is the Hop on – Hop off buses – which have 16 stops (you can get down and ride at any time for only 30 euros per day). Totally worth it because with only one day you can see almost the whole city and sightseeing (museums, parks, etc.). With this tour you have the options of at least 6 languages ​​and anyone can choose the language they want.

Tip: Don’t run to do everything in one day!

  1. Prater – here’s the famous wheel with an atmosphere that everyone would get jealous (toys, food, and markets) for all tastes (you can also hop on the Hop on – Hop off, or via subway)vienna

Enjoy your journey to the most and live this unique experience – wherever you look it will be amazing. Don’t forget to stop by for a picture and send it to us ?

Tip: Combine this trip with a trip to Bratislava, Slovakia is only 1 hour by train

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