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Are you travelling or thinking of travelling to USA? Surely the following 8 tips will seem useful to you but at the same time they will make your life easier.

1. Be patient in check-in area to enter USA (passport control) – it will take around 1 hour

2. Do not carry with you after you get off the plane the following:

  • Fruits (fresh or dried)
  • Food (baked or uncooked (fish – sushi, chicken Meat or even something that you bought from another airport)
  • Alcohol
  • Seeds or plants

(We waited 1 hour at customs because we had with us 1 banana and a few sushi (click here and see in detail what is forbidden))


3. If you will have a connected flight, then choose to have at least 4-5 hours’ difference from the next flight

  • Usually on transatlantic flights there are delays and waiting for entry to USA

4. Don’t carry many things with you – it will be tiring while waiting in the queues

5. Don’t assume you can smoke everywhere! There are specific spaces that are allowed


6. Don’t have a lot of cash on you – Use your cards as they accept them almost everywhere and they’re safer. Also be sure to have money on different cards from different banks (not all work everywhere)

7. Download the Lyft application for your commute – it’s cheaper than taxis and other similar apps

8. Be patient on your return! Be prepared for long queues for check of your passports and personal belongings

Have a nice trip!

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