Train Travel – in 4 Countries of Europe


Train Travel – in 4 Countries of Europe – Unforgettable trip and at the same time very economical to travel to 4 countries!

Many times, we choose only one destination to travel and do not look more spherically to make our trip more practical but also to visit as many places as we can.

If you like trains and want to travel to 4 countries in 1 week (maybe less) then this article has been written for you.

Your journey starts from:

1st stop à  Prague, Czech Republic

The city of castles – perfect for feeling that you are in another era! 2-3 days are ideal spend in the Czech Republic

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2nd stop à Vienna, Austria

The route from Czech Republic à Vienna is 5,15 hours by train

Classical Beauty which you can discover it during your stay there. 2-3 days is suitable to see and explore this beautiful city.

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train travel

3rd stop à Bratislava, Slovakia 

The route from Vienna à Bratislava its only 1 hour by train

Hidden beauty that hasn’t been projected outward! 1 day is enough to discover how beautiful this city is!

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4th  stop à Budapest, Hungary

The route from Bratislava à Budapest its only 1,23 hours by train

Beautiful and picturesque city which has been selected among the best capitals in Europe! You can have a great time and see the whole town in just 2- 3 days.

Click here and see where to go to in Budapest

One of the nicest trips we’ve made by train and these 4 destinations are beautiful that it worth doing this train travel.

A unique experience!

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