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food bannerThe combination of traditional and modern flavors makes every dish to taste perfect.

The simple Fattoush salad combined with the Tabbouleh salad leaves in the palate a delicious lemony flavor that you can even choose them as the main dish.

hummusThe soft and delicate flavor of Hummus makes you love this appetizer, even though before you didn’t want to try it and the sole Mhamarra appetizer, melted nuts, gives a special tasty note on the table.  The traditional Lebanese sausages and the different cooking version of Moundardara (lentil) add to the frame of appetizers different feast of flavors.

The famous Kafta in Yogurt and the potatoes with coriander and other spices, as well as the various meats cooked in the Lebanese version, should not be missing from the table. Materials that are beautifully combined, offering an unexpected delight.

ghazalIn the end, it is imperative to choose all the sweets offered in the menu since each one has a unique flavor. The traditional Mahalepi (Muhallabiyeh), the custard cream in various versions, and the Ghazal Ice Cream cake are starring on the Candy catwalk.

We could not have mentioned the excellent and delicious traditional Lebanese sweets. Small bites, made with all kinds of nuts, are ready to travel in small boxes in every country, offering a tasty delight at any time.

The above is a small sample of Lebanese cuisine, which is undoubtedly one of the best.  However, be sure that every restaurant in Beirut invites you to taste fantastic and unique flavors that you will remember for a long time!

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