Taxi on your next destination?

Taxi Safe TravelsTraveling to an unknown city is indeed not easy especially when you don’t know where to go, and of course, we’ve all lived the scenario of looking for a taxi once we get to the airport of our destination.  Those of you who travel with family and/or friends, not following a package offered by travel agencies (where there is no need to take care of transportation), know what we mean.

Because of the importance to travel without stress and worries, the team of Travel Le Monde has searched and found websites you can use for transportation in any destination in the world!  The only thing you have to do is to read below and pre-book your transfer from/to airports and vice versa.

The first website we recommend is  This website provides services from/to the airport booking the means of transport that suits you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The prices vary depending on your choice (family car, minibus, limousine, etc.) and the distance of the airport from the hotel and vice versa.

The second website is  Also, this website offers you a variety of means of transport where you can choose according to your needs, e.g. family car, minibus, SUV, even helicopters.  Prices start from $18 until $326 depending on your location.

And the third website is  The prices start from £15.22 up to £63.69 depending on the means of transport you will choose.

So, what is your next destination?

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