Strasbourg – Fairy Tale City

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It could be said that once you visit the city of Strasbourg you feel that you are living in a fairy tale of 19th century.

A magical place where you will be impressed by the different architecture of the colorful houses, from the quaint streets where the café restaurants provides wonderful culinary delights, from the river Il where you can travel along the City and from the shops and shopping malls that offer thousands of choices from famous fashion designers. Tip: If you like shopping, you shall dedicate at least 2-3 days!

Tip: The best time to visit Strasbourg is during the Christmas period where you will live the ultimate Christmas Spirit or May – June where the streets are decorated with amazing flowers creating an amazing romantic atmosphere!

Where to go

Strasvourgo 3Notre-Dame

Notre-Dame shall be in your first choices to visit; the unique architecture will impress you and don’t miss the chance to see the city from above!


Alsace or Petite France is a must place to visit! It’s one of the most beautiful areas of Strasbourg, quaint and romantic, where you can enjoy moments of relaxation and entertainment in restaurants and cafés. Don’t forget to try Tarte Flambee, one of the traditional Strasbourg’s foods!

strasvourgo 2European Parliament

Since you will travel to this beautiful city, I recommend you a visit to the imposing building of the European Parliament. It is truly grandiose and unique!

European Park

If you go to Strasbourg, it is advisable to dedicate a day to the European park, located just 30 km from Strasbourg and 3 km from the French border. The park opens its doors after the 5th of April and is a recreation centre for children and adults where various performances and events are presented.

strasvourgo galeries la fayetteMalls

I highly recommend the Lafayette and Rivetoile shopping malls where you can have a beautiful shopping experience!

Tip: Do not neglect to take a mini boat cruise to the river Il to explore the city and visit a floating bar when the evening falls!

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