Miami – South Beach -The 7 “must” things you will adore


Miami – Destination for expensive tastes!

The South Beach – Miami Beach is cosmopolitan, luxurious and has a plethora of choices.

We went, we saw and want to share with you the 7 must things you need to do during your visit.

#1. South Beach – Miami Beach:

south beach miamiSouth Beach is considered one of the most beautiful and touristic places in Florida. There you will find the endless beaches (that you see in the movies) and the lifeguard houses that are now a registered trademark for Miami Beach.

We highly recommend spending some of your days at this beach!

Tip: Stay at South Beach not Downtown, and specifically close to Collins Avenue and the 15th – 21th streets.

#2. Espanola Way:

miamiIt’s the most famous street for food! It is a pedestrian street and you will find plenty of choices from almost all cuisines around the world (Mexican, Cuban, Brazilian, Italian and much more).

We chose Mexican cuisine because as you know, Miami has a lot of Mexicans and Cuban cuisine. And on both we loved the food and the cocktails.

MIA 4#3. Lincoln Road Mall:

It is a pedestrian street and is the most famous street for shopping with a length of 1 mile! Here you can find everything about shopping and spend a whole day (in the middle along the pedestrian street there are restaurants, cafes and they are all surrounded from trees, flowers etc.)

#4. Ocean Drive:

One of the most famous avenues of the city and the whole world!

MIA 8It is characterized by the special buildings of Art Deco, the continuous crowd currents and the bright fronts of the Hotel and clubs at night. You can find anything you want on this boulevard, day and night and you can enjoy your cocktails at the rooftop of some bar-restaurants!

#5 Art Deco District:

miamiMiami is renowned for its art deco architecture, a design style characterized by vivid colors and geometric shapes. The best way to enjoy all the Miami Beach ART Deco has to offer is a walking tour at the South beach area

Hint: Inside the streets you will see small blue buses – they are free, and you can go on a tour of all Miami Beach

#6. Collins Avenue:

MIA 6One of the streets we loved as it was next to our hotel. It’s a street but full of hotels and restaurants (we have eaten the best breakfasts on this street)

#7 Explore the area

We recommend walking along the streets on foot to enjoy the diversity of this city and along the beach and so you can enjoy the amazing view!

The tourist part for holidays, beach and entertainment is in South Beach – and it is one of the most expensive places we have been, but it is worth it to visit this wonderful and luxurious destination!


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