Riga – Α Beautiful European Destination!

Riga View from the topRiga is a city where we would never have imagined that we would travel since in our minds there are so many other known destinations.  However, a business trip has been the reason to meet and worship this city, and we are sure that you will love it too!

See what we did in the limited time we had and we recommend:

  1. We went to the center of the old town where the Statue of Liberty located. At this point, the imposing statue depicts the Latvians who sing, work and struggle for their freedom. When the weather permits, the honour guard change shifts every hour.  You can take video and photos.

Riga Bastion Hill

  1. We have relaxed in the Bastion Hill Park which is next to the Statue of Liberty. The park is ideal for relaxation and photos.


  1. We visited the 20th-century Portrait Museum. In this museum, you can see various portraits depicting the friendship, riga 20th century portraitsthe decline of age, love and art, as well as some statues of different known personalities. You can find the museum in the old town and the entrance fee is only €1.50!


  1. We went to the only Christian Orthodox Church in Riga. The shaping of the church’s interior is impressive and awe-inspiring to the faithful.


  1. We climbed in the Tower of St. Peter’s Church. Up there, the city is at your feet! With an entry fee of €9, st. peter church rigayou can stay in the tower as long as you need to get the best photos and videos.  We recommend you go right before the sun goes down early in the evening.  In those hours the scenery offered by the sunset and the lights of the city is magical!


Apart from the above, there are many other museums and activities you can see and do, and we are sure you will love it!

If you don’t like the harsh winter, the locals recommend August as the best month to enjoy the city.  Don’t forget, if you travel to Riga during the Christmas season, visit the flea market set up in the old town buying local products and souvenirs.

Tip: Riga offers very delicious culinary flavors that you should try!

In the street Miera, you will find an excellent restaurant where we suggest you taste the delicious soups of the day.

They are the best!!


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