Prague – The Castle City

prague cover photo 2Prague’s second name could be Castle City!

Once you arrive in this town, you will feel like you are back in time, in Royal times.  The castles, the bridges that cross the Vltava River and the Gothic buildings create breath-taking scenery that you will love.

Tip: The difficulty you will face in Prague is its streets since it has many parallel and some complicate alleys that lead to the main roads making it a little bit difficult.  So, if you go without a guide, you better have a GPS.

What to see in Prague?

Prague Castle

prague st vitusThe no. 1 attraction on your list should be the Prague Castle It is a place full of castles where the nobles of the Czech Republic lived.  Prague Castle is located on the highest hill of Prague and is easier to access by bus or car.  Today, the place is the presidential residence, and the state officials use the palaces.  At this area, you have the opportunity to see the Royal Gardens, the St. George Square and one of the largest temples of Prague, the St. Vitus Church, which is the largest and most beautiful temple of the city.  The entrance to Prague Castle is free, but the policemen guarding the area will screen you.

Lesser Town

prague violin houseOn the other side of Prague Castle, where you have the opportunity to see the city from the top, the road will lead you to the Lesser Town, one of the scenic landmarks of Prague.  There, you will find the St. Nicholas Church where is the largest Baroque church in Prague.  Additionally, in this area, you will have the chance to see the house of the 3 violins, a famous place for the locals.

Charles Bridge

charles bridgeAs you walk down the street, you will see the famous Charles Bridge, a bridge full of history that crosses the Vltava River and consists of 30 Holy Protectors.  Do not forget to make your wish to St. John Nepomuk where the legend says that if you put your right hand in the 5 stars and the left on the Cross that is on the wall all your deepest desires will come true.

Old Town

prague squareA beautiful square where the locals set up their flea markets and around it has a lot of restaurants and cafés.  The particular part of the city is quite large with several streets that lead you to beautiful areas.  We could say that it is one of the most beautiful parts of Prague.  The place is ideal for relaxing while drinking your coffee or enjoying lunch or dinner. 

Astronomical clock

prague watchAs you are in the old town, you will meet the astronomical clock representing the positions of the sun and moon, showing the Figures of the 12 Apostles and the calendar.  Combine your visit to this point just before the time changes since you will be able to see the Figure of Death striking the clock and the Apostles appearing in the series.  Additionally, experience the beauty of the city by climbing in the Tower, the view will leave you breathless. The entrance costs around €8 for adults and €4 for students (depends on the exchange rate).

Museums and Art galleries

prague museumPrague has a rich collection of museums.  You will find the National Museum (in renovation), the National Technical Museum, the Museum of Communism, and the Beer Museum.  However, if you want something alternative you can visit the Sex Museum.  These are just a few of the many museums that exist in Prague.  We recommend you do some research before you go.

What shall you do in Prague?

dance houseTry its beer since Prague is famous for the production of beer, having more than 5 factories.  We had the black beer which was delightful.

Try the traditional sweet Trdelnik.  A tower of bread with sugar baked on the coals and then filled with chocolate or whipped cream, ice creams, and various trimmings. Delicious!

Try Prague’s traditional food.  We tried the shank and the duck, and they were very tasteful.

Enjoy a boat tour in the evening!  It is a great idea to have a dinner and see the city from another angle.

Shopping!  There are many shops, famous brands and not, where you can spoil a little bit your beloved self.


Tip:  You need 4-5 days to see the main attractions of Prague and according to the locals the highest peak season is from June to August.  The months of April and May are ideal if you want a quiet season.

Additionally, if you choose to pay in cash to different places/shops, bear in mind that the locals accept only Prague’s currency.  In this case, we recommend changing some money in Prague as the exchange rate is lower.


So, what are you waiting for?  Put on your Royal mood and book your next destination in Castle City, you will love it!


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