Porto Covo – A Hidden Gem in Portugal

Porto Covo – A Hidden Gem in Portugal – Written by Kasturi Kataki


Porto Covo is a little fishing village perched atop the cliffs along the western Alentejo Coast of Portugal. The colourful scenery and the paradise unfolding in the beautiful beaches turn this destination into a quick relaxing weekend getaway from the bustling city life and all your travel excursions in Portugal.

Porto Covo Portugal

Tip: The best time to visit Porto Covo is during summer when there are many festivals and cultural events, and it is about 2 hours’ drive from Lisbon.

What to do?

Take a stroll in the village center. A beautiful cobbled square which is home to Praca Marques de Pombal and small shops – the right place for some souvenirs. In the evening you can enjoy the lovely music played by street musicians.

Visit the Church Our Lady of Solitude. It is a baroque style church, and if you are there in August, you will enjoy a 3-day religious festival with dances, concerts, and fireworks.

Buy the best handmade pottery, dreamcatchers, and jewelry from seashells, semi-precious stones, and even fossils like ammonites!

Indulge in the relaxation offered by a beach or have fun with the various water sports or explore the caves.

Taste the delicious fresh seafood in the village’s restaurants. We had baked crabs, grilled octopus, and Choco Frito, with a pitcher of sangria made from local wine – it was excellent!

So, this is Porto Covo, and if you set foot to Portugal, we highly recommend a visit – a 2-day trip is ideal. It’s a lovely place!

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