Paris – Ideal destination for family vacations

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Fun with Magic, the perfect combination!

Paris is the solution that every parent is looking for!

We went, we saw we had fun and at the same time we were enchanted with our children and we want to share our experience.

In the four days we had, we have chosen the following attractions:

  1. Disneyland

disneychri 5The dream of both children and adults! There are 2 theme parks and you need at least 1 day for each one.

What the children loved the most was the Disneyland park in which the Kingdom was located. There are 2 Parades (at 13:30 and 17:30 the big parade with all the heroes). Children love seeing Disney’s heroes in front of them because their dream comes true.

In Walt Disney Studios, they loved the show with the heroes (they are in the middle of the park) and that they had the chance to meet the heroes and photographed with them.

Disneyland is magical, fascinating and it will surely excite you!

Tip: Pre-purchase your tickets here 

  1. Eiffel Tower

eiffel tower parisThe traditional but necessary attraction in Paris!

We recommend avoiding visiting the Eiffel tower on weekends because it’s too crowded. The view though is unbelievable.

An important advantage is what is around the tower. There is a beautiful park which you will love and it has Carousels which are considered necessary when you have children with you.

  1. Champs-Élysées

paris 1One of the most popular streets in Paris for shopping, coffee, eating and strolling.

A big advantage of this street is the huge sidewalks and the comfort to walk without thinking about cars. Also its full of shops and you will surely discover the fashion trends.

Tip: Stay close to Champs-Élysées as it has anything you desire around it.

  1. La Vallée Village

parisThe discount village (1 hour outside Paris) but it is perfect to spend your day shopping and playing.  It is safe because it is like a small village and there are only pedestrians and no cars (ideal for children).  Next to the discount village there is a shopping center so you can combine it perfectly for fun and entertainment at the same time.

  1. The patisseries

parisOur daily stop was at the small patisseries that exist in every corner and sell macaron and various chocolates (we loved the orange dipped in chocolate)

Tip: Try the French onion-soup (with cheese) incredible taste and unique

If you are looking for a European destination for family vacations, then we highly recommend Paris (close to Christmas is even better)

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