Νew York – Dream City

New York from topA dream City!

From the moment you get on the streets, you will be fascinated with what you see! Skyscrapers everywhere, crowded with people, and you just wonder if what you see it’s true.

It’s a unique city and has a very different character as you get lost in its endless streets!

You need at least 4-5 days to explore Manhattan! So it’s good to have this in mind from before.

You need to walk a lot in order to explore this city and I suggest that try out their donuts which are not found anywhere else!

Where to go?

Streets New York5th Avenue:

This is the most famous street in New York. Its full of shops and you need one whole day to walk through it. It is ideal for shopping but also for walking and observing another culture.

Empire State Building

The Ultimate View !!!

But to see it is necessary to pay an entrance of about 60 dollars per person (to go to the highest point) but it is definitely worth the money. There is security/control everywhere so you will need at least 20 minutes to go up to the top and see the View. * It is advisable to book the tickets beforehand so you don’t wait in the queue when you get there. Its basically the best place to see all New York! When you reach the top and go outdoors and see the view you will be amazed!

Central Park travellemonde


Central Park

The most famous park in the world! It’s huge and you’ll need several hours to explore it but it’s so nice that it worth it! There you can see various spots that are well known because movies were filmed there (Home Alone, Sex & the City).

It’s in the middle of the busiest city but you feel like you’re in another place. You relax! Inside the park there is a zoo as well as other activities that you can do


RockFeller travellemondeRockFeller Center:

It is a huge complex that contains 19 buildings, including well-known TV and radio stations and one part of it is on the side of the 5th avenue(one of the most famous streets). This part that is almost on 5th avenue contains many activities such as: ice scatting, which is a trademark for New York and also there are many restaurants, cafes but also self service restaurants.


Times Square

You need to visit Times Square at night! It so brilliant and unique!

The effects that flood the buildings with ads it’s something different. It makes you feel like you are inside of them. This area is full of restaurants, shops and cafes. Also a close to Times Squares is Broadway which ideal to go and see a musical.

Times Squate Travelemonde


One of the most tragic things that have happened. But when you visit this place you feel peaceful and you can realize how do they honor those people’s memory. Its somehow creepy but astonishing at the same time!


One Word Observatory:

It is in on the One World Trade Center (next to the memorial). The Observatory is at 100-102 floors. I was impressed with the graphics that surround you until you see the View and that the elevator in less than 60 seconds reaches the 100th floor. You see New York from a different perspective, but you can’t go outside and you see everything behind a window. (this was disappointing)

Memorial TravelLemonde

Madison Square Garden:

One of the most famous basketball stadiums! If you are lucky enough and you have booked tickets to see a match it’s even better than just seeing it from outside.


Statue of Liberty National Monument

The trademark of New York! You need to get there by boat. It is an excursion so you will need several hours but when you get there you will realize that it totally worth it.


Brooklyn bridge travellemondeBrooklyne Bridge :

One of the most famous bridges all over the world, a pole of attraction for tourists to take the coveted photography. A very nice place since it is the bridge that connects Brooklyne with Manhattan, you will like it!



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