Exploring the Bavarian Forest National Park, Germany

We all know the benefits that nature has on our body and mind. So, what would you say to spend a day in a national park that offers a variety of activities and facilities for both adults and kids?

In the Eastern Bavarian Forest, right on Germany’s border with the Czech Republic, you will find the Bavarian Forest National Park covering an area of 24,250 hectares. The first national park in Germany operates since 1970 and offers a great variety of activities that can fill up your day with adventure.

Let’s see what you can do in this beautiful green scenery:

National Park

Pay a visit to the visitor facilities and museum

Discover the history of the park at the informative visitor facilities Lusen and Falkenstein park centers. Exciting stories unfold the park’s philosophy, the story of flora and fauna, and introduce the national park’s wild nature. Additionally, the Forest History Museum St. Oswald present these topics in multimedia for the whole family.

Guided tours in the park

Adventure – here, we come! The park has guided tours which can be turned to a great experience with your family or friends. What tours can you do? Let’s discover them:

Hiking – Discover the impressive nature by foot in the 350 kilometres signposted trails. Use the adventure trails ‘Seelensteig’, the ‘Aufichtenwaldsteg’ below Rachel, the ‘Natur-Erlebnis-Pfad’ within the forest playground Spiegelau, the ‘Windwurf-Erlebnispfad’ at Falkenstein, the ‘Erlebnisweg Schachten und Filze’ at Frauenau, or the ‘Hans-Watzlik-Hain’ at Zwieslerwaldhaus.

Bicycling – If you are a cyclist, you can find fascinating routes within the national park that can offer you a day full of fun and excitement.  A well-maintained bike path network of more than 200 kilometers is available, and if you want something more, you can bike up to the neighboring Czech Šumava National Park. 

Additionally, for cross-border excursions, you can use the points at Bayerisch Eisenstein, Finsterau and Gsenget.

National Park

 Cross-Country Skiing – If you choose to visit the park in winter, you can find the fun in the 80 kilometers of cross-country ski trails. The trails Finsterau and Zwieslerwaldhaus, as well as Waldhäuser, is ideal for this activity.

 Snowshoeing – Have you ever done snowshoeing? No? This is a perfect chance! During the winter months, the thick snow cover allows you to explore nature’s beauty in a 350 kilometers hiking trail network.  

Most remarkable about this national park is that it is accessible to disabled people having trails perfect built for wheelchairs. Additionally, all facilities are accessible.

 Tip: In the park, you will find restaurants and programs for children, specialist lectures, celebrations, concerts, exhibitions, or workshops.

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