London – My first Trip with My Friends

London – My first Trip with My Friends – Written by Litsa Christodoulou

London - My First Trip

It was summer of ’19, when my friends and I had decided to organize this trip, that we talked about for so long, and we agreed to go to London, the UK. 

So, on December 10th, we’re on! Passport ready, backpack ready! On the way to the airport, I remember that I was dreaming of the moment we arrived at our destination. I wanted to smell, taste, hear, and admire, I was feeling so excited!

Where did we go

1. The first stop was Primark – A vast shop with very nice clothes, shoes, and decorations at excellent prices! I highly recommend visiting it on the first day, because I am sure you will save quite a bit of money.

2. M&M’s World – Three floors full of chocolate! Wow! At the entrance, there are people in costume, very cute who suggest you take a bag if you want! You think it’s funny, but when you see how much chocolate there is, you understand why! Take one!

3. Westfield Mall – It has 450 stores and services in total, and if you go there, your account balance needs to be four digits! It has products for all tastes, even for the most demanding people.

4. Cruise on Thames River – We recommend it; it’s a pleasant experience to see London from another angle. Here, we also activated the London Pass (a ticket with entrance to London’s most famous sights), which is worth it because you save time and money!

5. Tower of London – Here, we saw valued ancient objects from kings and princes of England and places where they had tortured and imprisoned people in wartime. Nearby, you’ll see the London Tower Bridge, a 125-year-old bridge and a length of 42 meters!

6. The Shard – A building of 72 floors and 742 meters! You take the elevator, and you come out to a breath-taking view! Up there, you’re not thinking about anything, you’re just enjoying the perfection of the moment!

7. London Zoo – The journey from the center to London Zoo is approximately one-hour long. There, you will find over 750 different species of animals, reptiles, and marine life! Penguins within 3-4 meters of you! What’s most beautiful for someone who’s only seen this on TV? You see animals in close distance, and you learn things you may not have known or tried to learn.

london zoo

8. Westminster Abbey – Here, the coronation of the British monarchy from the 11th century is taking place, and it has the most important collection of monumental sculptures in the UK. It consists of famous kings and queens, as well as prominent poets and priests – even heroes.

9. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland – Here, you will try the most exciting horror games! Magic will overwhelm you. Admission is free, but for each game, there is a charge! However, the memories that will remain etched in your mind cannot be bought with the most expensive gold!

Where did we eat

1. Pret a Manger – An international chain of coffee-restaurant located in Leicester Square.

2. China Town – We went at night and recommend it! Here, people laugh, dance, and live in the moment like it’s the last! It goes without saying, that it’s a must to try Chinese food, it’s Everywhere!

3. JD Wetherspoon – A pub chain, serving delicious food and at excellent prices. Among other things, we tried Freshly battered cod and chips, delicious! You will find it almost everywhere in the streets of London since it has nearly 900 pubs! For breakfast, we got a Vegetarian Breakfast (fried egg, Quorn vegan sausage, baked beans, hash brown and tomato) and a Porridge with banana oats and honey.

This trip was one of the most beautiful and fun ones I’ve ever made! Travelling with your friends was and will be priceless! The moments and experiences you live with them remain deeply etched in mind, feeling grateful for every moment.

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