Lofoten, Norway: Unusual and Unique Vacations

Norway: Unusual and Unique Vacations – Lofoten is an archipelago in Norway and its known for its dramatic scenery, the northern lights, the unique phenomenon of the midnight sun, the fishing villages, and so much more. Those who love nature and adventure this is the perfect place to choose for unusual and unique vacations!

Let’s see six things you can do in Lofoten:

Visit the Lofotr Viking Μuseum


Having an in-depth history of the Viking era, Lofoten, could not be the Viking museum’s home. It is an impressive reconstruction of the largest house consisting of the Chieftain’s house, archaeological findings, handcrafts, a boathouse, and a Viking ship. And it has many activities to do!

Enjoy the Northern lights


From September to April, Lofoten is dressed in colourful lights, and it’s a phenomenon you don’t want to miss. The best view is at night, where the colours are stronger.

Kayaking under the midnight sun


How would you feel to do kayaking at midnight with the sun? Well, to us it is impressive and unique! Between late May and mid-July, the sun enjoys being on the sky even in the middle of the night, offering a fantastic experience to locals and tourists. Don’t miss to have this experience under the gold light of the sun in the northern ocean waters.

Surfing in Lofoten’s paradise


Lofoten is considered one of the best spots in Norway for surfing because of the extreme but still beautiful surroundings. So, if you are a surfing enthusiast, we recommend visiting Lofoten to tame the strong and often freezing waves.

Fishing at Lofoten’s sea


Take a fishing boat from Svolvær port to experience an unusual activity during your vacations. You will learn how to use the fishing tools and equipment by the most experienced fishermen, and you will have the chance to catch your own fish, prepare it, and make it for dinner. 

Cruise in Lofoten’s little Hawaii


During your stay in Lofoten, take a cruise from Svolvær port to the Skrova island! It is considered Lofoten’s little Hawaii, and the kayak through the breathtaking views is quite famous. If you are lucky, you will see sea eagles, porpoises and more.

We don’t know about you, but we definitely will pay a visit to Lofoten in Norway.

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