Lapland: Santa Claus is…in town

Lapland is a destination that children and grown-ups adore! With the white landscape, Christmas atmosphere, and Santa Claus to welcome you in his village, all you can feel is magic.

What to do in Lapland? 

Visit the Village of Santa Claus


A visit to the Village of Santa Claus is a “must”!   Santa Claus welcomes children and grown-ups offering joy and magical moments.

In the village, you will find shops, an igloo hotel and also the assistants of Santa Claus – the elves. 

Nearby, there is a theme park that hosts a toy factory, the elves’ school, and a gallery featuring ice sculptures.

Also, you can take pictures in the “Arctic Cycle” (a popular spot for photos), visit the museum of snowmobiles, and the office of Santa Claus.  At the office you can talk and take pictures with children’s beloved Saint.

Tip: Make sure you get information about the hours you can visit the office because Santa Claus is not always there.

Skiing at Ounasvaara

ounasvaara web

Time for sports! East of the city, you will find the ski resort Ounasvaara, which offers skiing and hiking trails.  

Tour in Museums

arktikum web

The capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi, (the “official” town of Santa Claus) hosts the Art Museum in the cultural center of Korundi, presenting modern works.

Additionally, the Arktikum Museum presents works from culture, history, and modern life in the Arctic.

Admiring the Northern Lights


The Northern Lights, is a unique phenomenon that if you set foot to Lapland, you cannot miss it.  It caused by electrically charged particles from the sun colliding with air molecules in Earth’s atmosphere deflecting by Earth’s magnetic field. This process results in the emission of colourful light, which is visible at night with the green colour dominating.  The best places to observe it is at the top of Ounasvaara and the Arctic Garden. 

Exploring wild animals


In Ranua Park, the second in the world, there are 50 species of wild animals including bears, wolves, and reindeer.

Stroll in Lapland’s National Park

In the National Park Pyhä-Luosto, you can relax, seeing geological specialties, old forests, and wetlands. 

Do you want a trip to the city of our beloved Santa Claus?

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