Kavos – Corfu The perfect place for a summer vacation!

Kavos Corfu

Kavos – Corfu The perfect place for a summer vacation! – Kavos a coastal village in the middle of nowhere transformed into the ultimate youth tourist resort for Corfu.

Kavos is a detached coastal village in Corfu, which is located 1 hour away from the capital. Driving to go there, you pass through dozens of small villages which although are picturesque are on the same time on the verge of abandonment. And the first thing you do is to wonder if there really is life in Kavos.

But when you arrive, everything changes! The main street aka kavos strip is flooded by hundreds of tourists. Unbelievable but true! A coastal village in the middle of nowhere, which, as we were told, was shaped as a tourist resort in the early 1980s and has been bustling with life every summer ever since.

But Kavos is not for everyone. It is an area specially designed for those looking for the absolute madness and fun. Dozens of bars, nightclubs, beach bars and pool bars make up the setting.

The dress code of the area? Swimsuits, shorts, casual shirts etc. It is generally an area synonymous with carelessness and that’s why is not suited for everyone. So, before you choose this area for holidays, think wisely if you are that type of person.

Cavos Corfu

Of course, staying in Kavos you are not confined there.  There are daily boats that organize excursions to some enchanting locations. We recommend you visit the following:

1. Sivota

In Sivota you can enjoy your coffee in the small port and shop from the traditional tourist shops.

2. Antipaxos

The beaches in Antipaxos are simply enchanting. You think they’re made out of a cinema movie.

3. Paxos

In Paxos the boat stops at the port of Gaios which is very picturesque and there you will find dozens of restaurants, fish taverns and cafes. The food is great everywhere in Paxos and we are sure you will enjoy it wherever you choose to sit to eat.

4. Caves – spilies

The caves are simply incredible, and the boats usually go inside them in order to see this amazing sight. But the most impressive of all is Papanikoli’s cave. It is basically the cave in which the well-known Greek submarine Papanikolis was hiding during World War II. And what makes it even more impressive is that inside the cave you will see a hidden beach. Have you ever seen a beach inside a cave?!

Tip: There are boats that can take you to 2-3 destinations on the same day.

In addition to these excursions, it is MUST one day to devote it and visit the capital of Corfu. In the capital you’ll literally find everything. Restaurants, cafes, shops and everything else you imagine. You’ll find everything gathered around Liston Square.

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