How to spend 2 days in Athens, Greece

athens banner 2A city that you will never get bored, wanting to visit it again and again! 

Athens is a city full of history, entertainment, theatre, music, shopping and it is included among the 15 best destinations around the world.  You can enjoy vacations in Athens either for several days or for a weekend getaway.

Your trip will be even more enjoyable if you combine it with nearby islands.  We had combined Athens with Andros island, and we must say that it was a wonderful trip with pleasant memories.

How can you spend two days in Athens?

irodio webThe Acropolis will be waiting for you to show you its city with the Parthenon being the main host.  You will see the temples of the Gods and the theatres used for the various celebrations.  You will also be amazed from the view; the city is literally at your feet.  Impressive!

sintagma webWe suggest a walk in Syntagma Square where the monument of the Unknown Soldier is located, apart from the Greek parliament. At the square, you will have the chance to see the “change of guard” by the Evzones; a worthy event to add in the collection of your travel memories if you choose to be there.  It is also essential to know that Syntagma Square is the main point for transportation if you need a bus, taxi or tram.

psyri webIf you go to Athens, then you shall visit Psyrri or Monastiraki.  These two areas are known for the taverns with the delicious Greek food – the day for quick souvlaki and the night for a parade of food that satisfies even the most discerning palate.  Wonderful and picturesque areas!

Athens is also famous for its theatrical and music events.  So, if you choose this destination, make research in advance to see what events are taking place and when.

Lastly, we suggest you stroll in the alleys of Ermou where there are many shops (at affordable prices) for a pleasant morning or afternoon.  You can also find coffee shops and restaurants.


Two days are not enough to see all the things that Athens has to offer, but a weekend getaway is enough to get a taste!


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