Experience the magical fairytale of Budapest


Enchanting atmosphere, festive mood overflowing from everywhere!

Budapest is one of the cities that you feel the Christmas spirit from the time you step your foot in the city and that’s the reason that most of us want to visit it during the holidays (Christmas and New Year).

We went, we saw, and we want to tell you what is it that it makes this city so special?

#1. Christmas Flea Markets

budapestIt’s the hallmark and it’s what attracts most people! The biggest and busiest flea market is in the center of Budapest and it’s called Vorosmarty. In this type of markets, you will find everything from traditional Hungarian food/drinks and sweets!

Tip: In Vorosmarty square you will find the famous patisserie-Cafe Gerbeaud (One of the most historic of Europe) in which you will find the most amazing sweets and coffee.

#2. Ride on the decorated tram

Only to see the decorated tram to come and go in the city it takes you to another atmosphere and at the same time is unique! A ride on this tram is a “must”.

#3. Vaci Utca and Fashion Street

budapestIt is necessary to stroll on the Vaci utca street which goes along the city and you can find shops, cafes (Café Anna is the most famous coffee chain) and restaurants. What makes this a unique walk is that you see the Gothic buildings decorated with lights – unique experience!

At Fashion Street you can find many shops and at the same time you will see an incredible Christmas décor.

Tip: Next to Fashion Street you can find Michelin star restaurants

#4. New Year’s Eve

budapestSpectacular fireworks for all without restrictions!

Whether you’re invited to a party or whether you are anywhere in the city you can have an amazing New Year’s Eve.

We chose to spend that night on one of the many bridges that this city has, and it was the best choice we could made!

Tip: Prepare for a very cold weather– especially when you are near the Danube.

#5. Evening stroll by the Danube

There are many organized cruises and if you like to see the decorated city, we highly recommend it.

In Budapest you can live one of the most economical and amazing Christmas celebration you ever had – of course that depends on the choices you make.

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