Egypt – The Ultimate Life Experience

Egypt – The ultimate life experience – Written by Artemis Baziotopoulou


The ultimate life experience! How many times have we not imagined as children that we will see one of the most impressive wonders in the world one day? How much did we love the pyramids through movies, children’s films, and documentaries?

Let me travel you to Egypt, showing you… another world.

Sunset in the Sahara

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I know what you’re going to say. I’m ruining the picture. But let us put aside the ‘spontaneous’ poses and focus on the point.

The Sahara! I never thought I’d get this far. And I don’t mean literally. I can say with the hand on my heart that this desert is the best thing that has happened to me in the last 21 years.  Whatever I say, I don’t think it’s going to be enough. Endless sand, endless sky, and smiles from all corners of the world who saw this incredible sight that is infinitely more beautiful in reality than in a simple photo. The most irreplaceable experience for me and possibly the best day of my life belongs to this vast magic.

The Island I loved

Not many people know it, but this island is literally on the Nile.  And it’s named after the plant that blooms throughout its entirety.  Here is the Banana Island.  One of my favorite places in Egypt that lends an intensely exotic tinge. Away from high buildings, cars, or exhaust gas. I believe that even if someone is not a nature lover, he will be riveted by the simpleness and carefreeness of this place.

Luxor’s Temple


I think everyone who travels likes the museums, the ornate churches and the skyscrapers of Europe. These temples though, offer a different and majestic spectacle in the eyes of all of us who are “thirsty” for something that differs from the trivial.

Tip: Read a few things before visiting any temple. You will be amazed by everyone’s story, and it will give more meaning to your exploration.

The World’s Peoples – Common Mortals

Egyptians, Greeks, Moroccans, Indians, Brazilians, Tunisians, Malaysians, and many others share tea and fruit in the desert one July afternoon.  Just everyday things. Or is it not? We all love our country, and we all love our comfort zone, but as the famous writer Paulo Coelho once said: “If you think adventure is dangerous, try the routine… is fatal.”

Tip: Although many times, risks are necessary, they are not always the right or the right time.  As beautiful as Egypt is, diversity in culture and lifestyle, in general, can often shock all of us who grew up in Europe.  Each person’s limits and strengths vary, so before you decide to travel to any country, look for information, and make the best decision for yourself.

Shiva’s Oasis

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The beautiful oasis you see above is a fantastic place to see when you go on desert safari in jeeps, and it is ideal for swimming. It is literally in the middle of nowhere and is a great location that offers peace and clear thinking.

Al Khalili Market

Wandering around this place all day and all night will not be enough to see it from side to side. It is well known that Egyptians are famous for their carpets, the beautiful fixtures full of colors, their hookahs, and much more.  But when they see tourists, they try to sell them anything at three times the original price. So, unless you know Arabic, I suggest you go with a tour guide or do the so-called “bargains”.

Human Boxes, Alexandria


This is the view from the eleventh floor of the house we were staying. The houses in Egypt are very different from what we’re used to. And much higher, mostly. Some of them even have a doorman. So if you stay in such a building, a visit to the roof, especially at sunset, will leave you breathless!

Nile Cruise

Mid-July, boating in one of the most famous rivers on the planet on the roof of a boat.  And for those who are bold enough, they can bathe there (I did, and I’m still alive). But don’t forget to check which vaccines you shall take before you travel. I highly recommend this boat trip because it covers Aswan’s distance (near Sudan’s border) to the Luxor region.

Tip: Arrange short holidays with a travel agency unless you have a lot of travel experience (inside and outside the EU).  Do market research with major cities’ offices such as Cairo and Alexandria and ensure that the tour manager will show you all the places you want to visit.

Not all those who wander are lost


And somewhere here, we were lost on the streets of Alexandria. But we’ve discovered a lot of unexpected things.  The vehicle to the left of the photo is called a “tuk tuk” and is a common way to travel in the country.

You probably don’t know it, but in Egypt, they don’t have a traffic code (at least compatible with our data), and in many places, they don’t even have traffic lights.  I’m not saying this to discourage you or make you nervous. But I recommend you be careful on major roads (such as the coastal of Alexandria).

Tip: Prefer white vans and Uber as a way to travel instead of taxis.

«A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies»

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This is not the library of a university, it’s the library of Alexandria. Perhaps not the ancient one but an attempt to revive it under the auspices of UNESCO.  A magical and huge space that takes you to a state-of-the-art world in a country that normally takes you back to the past. Countless books and stories are waiting to unfold. From you.

And Bon voyage!

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