Do you know which island is the southernmost point of USA?

key west bannerKey West!! Where no.1 America’s road ends! And it’s just 90 miles from Cuba.

A popular destination that worth a visit and we recommend it for at least 2 days.

What’s so interesting about Key West?

key west bridge1. You will cross the 7 miles bridge to get there with beautiful view (as you cross this distance you will also see the old bridge where it is only for pedestrians and bicycles)

2. You will see Roosters in the streets, as they are considered a sacred bird – protected and all cars stop for Roosters and hens to pass (Cubans brought the roosters in the past in order to use them for rooster fights, and after that was forbidden they proclaim them a sacred bird) and it is forbidden to touch them

key west forest3. It was and still is an attraction for celebrities such as: Ernest Hemingway, Harry, S Truman, Jimmy Buffet (you can see their homes in the city up close). And the first rich people in USA lived there.

4. We’ve eaten the best seafood (mussels, crabs, lobster – we highly recommend going to Alonson’s at the water promenade)

5. It has character, style and is full of different activities to do!

6. It is very nice as you can walk along the promenade, enjoy the beautiful view and at the same time you can shop from the small shops that are there.

key west drink7. You should try their Key Lime Pie and the Lime Cocktail – they are famous for those

8. It’s just 90 miles from Cuba (but you can’t see it as most say)

Tip: You can combine Key West with Miami as it is only 3.5 hours away (there are also all-day tours from Miami but it is very tiring). You can rent a car to explore the route!

We didn’t expect this destination to impress us at all, but we highly recommend it as you can discover something different and at the same time unique!


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