Do I need a Travel Insurance Policy Before my Trip?

Do I Need a Travel Insurance

Do I need a Travel Insurance Policy Before my Trip? – Many times you wondered if you need to have a travel insurance policy.  Why do you need it and when do you need it? Is it useful and if so, in what way?

We are not either insurance company or experts on the subject, however, we did our research and found six positive reasons for considering a travel insurance policy:

  1. Emergency medical treatment in another country can be very expensive
  2. A policy can cover your medical expenses while you are abroad, and even settle your repatriation if it is medically necessary
  3. A policy can refund for prepaid, non-refundable travel expenses when you need to cancel for a covered reason
  4. A policy may refund additional accommodation/travel costs and loss of prepaid costs due to a covered departure delay of six hours or more
  5. Cover of loss, theft or damage of baggage and personal items
  6. 24/7 assistance

However, there are also three reasons why you don’t need a policy:

  1. Last-minute domestic travel. This applies to major destinations that need domestic flights to other cities e.g., USA
  2. Cheap domestic travel
  3. If you can afford to lose your prepaid travel expenses

*Each insurance company provides its insurance plans and regulations, so we recommend check with your local insurance consultant.

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