Disney World: Where Dreams Come True


orlando bannerThe Dream! Live, watch, and be part of Disney World! 

The first and biggest Disney is at Orlando, Florida located in 30.000 acres, like a separate city!

Disney World consists of 6 thematic parks, but since we had only 2 days, we choose the 4 most famous!

Tip: Be prepared! You will walk too much, and you will be exhausted

Are you ready to live the dream with us? 

  1. Disney Magic Kingdom 

orlando mickey and minnieDisney magic kingdom is like a fairy tale, and it’s Magic at first glance.

It’s like a city with a lot of houses, and the first one is unique because is the theatre where you can meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse and many other characters. The Castle is the point of reference and is surrounded by games and other activities inspired by Disney. During the day, Disney characters parade is organized in front of the Castle with songs – Amazing Experience. You can get to Magic kingdom by ferryboat or monorail train rail (choose ferryboat is beautiful).

This park is the most famous among the others, and that’s why it attracts so many visitors. 

Tip: You need more than 4 hours to see the park, and the waiting lines at the activities are long. Buy Fast Pass – worth it and buy your tickets online; it saves time and trouble.

orlando fireworks point 1The most famous time it’s at 9 o’clock in the night where a spectacular show with fireworks, songs and laser animations is organized. This is the most Magical thing we have ever seen!

Tip:  If you have time go to that park in the morning and then go again in the night – it is ideal.


  1. Epcot

orlando epcotEpcot is a thematic park about space, technology and Future World.

Tip They have the same entrance with the Magic Kingdom, thus it is the perfect combination

This park is ideal for technology lovers because you will find 3D games and activities that are breath-taking.


  1. Disney Animal Kingdom 

orlando animal kingdomThis is the thematic park about Animals, and it’s like a jungle. You are surrounded by a jungle rainforest, trees, and wild nature. In addition, it has 4 cities to visit: Dinosaur Land, Asia, Africa, and Pandora (Avatars Island). Each city is unique and special, and each is certainly worth your time.


  1. Disney’s Hollywood Studios

orlando point 4.2Lights, Camera-Action!

This is the park you can see how movies are shot, meet Disney characters (even junior Disney, Star Wars, Indiana Jones etc.). Really, is like you are in a real studio! 

Tip: every night at 9 o’clock, weather permitting, they organize a spectacular show to all 4 parks. They are all impressive and breath-taking.


Unique and Magic experience where dreams come true, and everybody must meet and Live in this World! 



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