Christmas and New Year’s Eve in New York – Once in a lifetime experience

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Magical, wonderful and above all the most festive city we have ever seen!

Suddenly you are part of this cinematic scene, and it is a fact that you will live unforgettable moments.

We recommend visiting the following to live the Ultimate Life Experience:

  1. Rockefeller Center:

nw5It’s a pedestrian street on 5th Avenue that ends up to an ice rink. At the same time, you will see in front of you a huge adorned tree with music that puts you in the mood of the days. (the skating rink is very expensive and small – there are many others in New York that are bigger and cheaper).

  1. 5th Avenue:

nw13The Ultimate experience! All the shop windows are fully decorated – they are like competing which store will have the most spectacular decoration! But SAKS Shopping Mall on the 5th Avenue steals all the impressions as it has an astonishing light show. Almost all shop windows are decorated with visual animations and you just sit there watching them stunned without believing if this is true or not.

Tip: Take your time to walk around this busy street to live the ultimate holiday experience.

  1. Central Park:

nw7What steals the impressions is the ice rink and is at the beginning of the park (on the side of the RITZ Hotel which the famous hotel from the Home Alone movie).  As you stroll through the park you will be impressed by the scenery and the icy lakes (ideal for photos).

  1. Times Square:

nw1Lights, music, and buildings that are lined with huge led screens. The night becomes a day. It is considered one of the most beautiful and impressive places to spend the New Year’s Eve! Full of people but you can feel this diversity and the importance of this event.

Tip: This time of the year it’s very cold in New York, so prepare yourself with jackets, scarves and gloves. If you are very lucky, then you will see it snowy as well!

  1. Festive Squares:

nw15In every small park there are flea markets and skating combined with the festive atmosphere (priceless value). Spend some of your time to live this festive atmosphere. Everywhere there is something to see and do! You literally won’t realize how every moment and time passes.

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The Ultimate Life Experience! Christmas and New Year’s Eve in NYC.

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