Bratislava – What to do in 1 day

Bratislava – Hidden Historical beauty!

It is certainly not the city of your dreams, but a visit to the capital of Slovakia will convince you that there are hidden beauties that simply have not been viewed yet!

We went 1 day and want to share with you where to go to enjoy the most of this experience:

  1. Bratislava Castle:


The castle is located at the top of the city with panoramic views and is well worth it. This is where you get the best picture of the town!  We recommend you to be your first stop because then you will descend down to reach the historic center of Bratislava. (On the contrary if you go from the historic center and then to the castle you will climb many steps).

Tip: Combine this trip with Vienna –  the trip is only 1 hour from Vienna

  1. Historical Center:


You will find the historic center once you get down from the castle. It is very enchanting to stroll among the historic buildings where you will find shops, cafes, restaurants and pastry shops.  Also during the winter, you can see the ice rink which is considered an attraction and during the holidays you will find in the same square the Christmas market.

  1. Michael’s Gate και St Martin’s Cathedral:


Amazing buildings that attract tourists so they can photograph them and are located in the historic center.

Tip: Taxis are very expensive – prefer to use the Uber app., it’s very cheap

  1. Most SNP Bridge:


It is the bridge that crosses the Danube in Bratislava – and is world-wide the longest one that has only one pillar.

To discover the hidden beauty of Bratislava you will need at least 1 day – because you will find many attractions, restaurants and cafes to spend a perfect day!

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