Best places in Europe to Visit this Autumn 2019


autumn bannerMany of us love to travel in autumn for a number of reasons such as not so crowded cities (easy to explore the sightseeing), cheaper accommodation prices, better temperature, and of course, the beautiful scenery you will come across.

According to source Travel and Destinations, written by Mike Clegg, the top Europe places to visit this autumn are the following:


  1. Plitvice Lakes National Park

plitvice lake webPlitvice Lakes National Park is a beautiful park located in North Croatia near Zagreb. It’s the countries oldest and first national park and also a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979. What makes this place so special is the 16 lakes contained within the 300km2 park, which are an incredible colour. When visiting in the Autumn you can enjoy various paths and routes that are available allowing you to maximise your visit and enjoy the park from different angles and perspectives.


  1. Santorini

santorini webSantorini is a popular island off the coast of Greece. It’s famous for its beautiful sunsets and picturesque architecture. As you can expect this destination is extremely popular during the summer months, so head here early autumn for a quieter and more peaceful scene. End of September to October you’d be looking at temperatures of around 21-24 degrees centigrade. Places do shut down towards the end of October so visit late September/early October for more to do.


  1. Prague, Czech Republic

prague webPrague is a perfect autumn city. All around the city are fantastic parks, some of which provide perfect vantage points down towards the city – which is great for photography. Prague being such a great destination also gets extremely busy during the summer months and also at Christmas, so autumn makes for a slightly quieter time to visit.


  1. Bohemian Switzerland National Park

edmund gorge webNot far from Prague is Bohemia Switzerland National Park. This park is stunning and a great place to go hiking and also explore the fabulous Edmund Gorge. Reasons, why this destination is so good for the autumn, is because you’d get to hike in cooler and more comfortable temperatures, and you’d also get to see the wonderful colours that will be emerging.


  1. Vienna

scenic viewsVienna is one of Europe’s most stunning cities and is often voted one of the best cities to live in. As well as this it’s also a great place to visit and when visiting you’ll find plenty of autumnal treasures. Such as Schönbrunn Park with its wonderful tree tunnels, Kahlenberg with vineyards overlooking the city, as well as many other wonderful outdoor spaces.


  1. Neuschwanstein Castle

castle germanyNeuschwanstein Castle is like something from a fairy tale and has been used in movies such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Spaceballs and The Monuments Men. The location is nothing short of spectacular and all around the castle are scenic mountains and breathtaking landscapes. What makes this spot even better is that there’s even a bridge that provides the perfect photo perspective.


  1. Malta

malta in summer webMalta is a small island in the Mediterranean and comes with plenty to do, from exploring the historic city of Valletta to swimming in the glorious Blue Lagoon. When visiting in the Autumn and at the end of September and into October you’d be looking at temperatures around 21-24 degree centigrade.


  1. Bled

lake bled webLake Bled in Slovenia is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. This charming spot is located a short distance from Ljubljana and makes for a great day trip or longer visit. During the autumn months be sure to hike up the surrounding mountains for epic views, as well as relax along the waterside to soak up the scenery. For photographers, and on a quiet day you may be lucky to get perfectly still water, which will give you wonderful reflections of the island church and mountains in the distance.


  1. Hallstatt

hallstatt lake webHallstatt is one of the most famous and popular places to visit in Austria. It’s a destination that could be visited at any time of year, such as for gloom and snow in the winter, fantastic greens in the spring and summer, or a multitude of colours during the autumn. When visiting Hallstatt you could come for a day trip, such as from Salzburg, or even consider staying the night (but it’s not cheap).




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