Batsi, Andros, Greece

Andros xwraBatsi, the second village of Andros Island, is a beautiful tourist resort where it offers moments of tranquillity, relaxation and fun!

Andros is an island where you can go – either alone, your friends and/or your family – for short breaks or long vacations combining visits to other villages of the island.  Whatever you choose, it is guaranteed that you will spend a relaxing and carefree holiday!

You can access the Island through Rafina’s port in Athens where a small cruise ship will take you to Gavrio’s port in just 2 hours.  There, a bus will pick you up to transfer you to Batsi at a cost of €2 or you can rent a car for greater ease of movement.

I recommend you to visit the Island late spring until early autumn where the weather will be your ally to spend a beautiful holiday!

What to do

Andros beachDuring the day you can feel the ultimate relaxation in the wonderful central beach of the village.  The sand is golden and the water crystal clear, you will love it!

Late in the afternoon you can enjoy your coffee in the village square where the locals have created a beautiful area with café, taverns and restaurants.  The architecture of the village and the setup of tables on the sidewalks are creating a wonderful cosmopolitan atmosphere.

In the evening you can taste the excellent food in the taverns and restaurants and continue with a drink at the bars.

It is worth visiting the monastery of St. Marina which is about 1-1.5 hours away from the village.  You can take a bus or a taxi.  We chose a taxi, which cost us around €60.  If you think it’s expensive, you can choose to share the taxi with other people, thereby reducing the total cost.

Andros by nightTip I recommend you to take info from hotel’s desk about nature trails and other sacred monasteries where you can pay a visit.   Additionally, during your stay on the island, you can visit villages Gavrio and Chora – the 1st and 3rd village of the Island.

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