Bahamas: What you know and what you don’t know

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The ultimate destination! And the dream for all of us. The Bahamas impress you beyond your expectations! A Dream came true, and we want to share it with you!

What you know about the Bahamas 

1. Magnificent Beaches

bahamas beachTurquoise-blue beaches are indeed magnificent. You can watch the view for hours. You cannot believe how the sky is blended magically with the sea.

Tip: we suggest staying in Cable beach area at Nassau with the fantastic beach and a few hotels to choose from.

2. Excursions to famous Islands

bahamas pink islandsExcursions are very famous here for Pig island, Iguanas Island and Shark island (they are a kind of jellyfish).  These islands are unique and impressive. Besides, the root of these islands in the Caribbean ocean is the most impressive. The distance between the islands is too long and most of the time you are in the powerboat – the price is about 400 dollars per person.

What you don’t know about the Bahamas 

1. The Bahamas is full in green (trees, grass).You are surrounded everywhere by green, and that is so impressive.  It is one of the greenest islands we have ever seen.

bahamas greenTip: 5 days are ideal for the Bahamas – For relaxation and to see around the island

2. Happy and cheerful people

bahamas green 2Bahamian people are polite, happy, and generally cheerful, and this is adorable.  It is in their culture and that is impressive. They are trying to offer the best holidays in every interaction.

3. The Bahamas means shallow waters

And we learnt it from the locals

Tip: Morning walk by the beach is a must

bahamas swallow4. The Bahamas consists from 700 islands out of which only 17 are inhabited (of course, we don’t know if the islands of famous people are included, as many celebrities have islands in the Bahamas such as Eddy Merfie and Hally Bery)

5. They speak excellent English

It was a British colony, so the communication is perfect

6. The sand is like a powder

bahamas morning beachYou feel it, and you can’t believe it, so soft like a powder


Tip: Miami is the connection to come in the Bahamas and is only 1 hour by plane


The Bahamas is not compared to any other exotic destination.  It is a unique experience, and everyone should live it!


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