Australia – Unique Christmas !


Australia – The contrast of Christmas and summer is what will attract you the most!

Christmas in Australia are unique and at the same time impressive as they take place during the summer period.

All the activities and celebrations that have to do with Christmas exist, but in a completely different setting!

It’s impressive to see:

  1. Santa Clauses at the beach


The beaches are filled with Santa Clauses which with their various activities they will impress you – you will see them windsurfing , arrive at the beach on boats etc – and there are contests also.

  1. Christmas trees on the beach

australia 2

It is impressive to see Christmas trees on the beach along with the lifeguards dressed as Santas

By visiting Australia during Christmas it is worth seeing the following:

  • Blue Mountains: Enjoy A Traditional Roast
  • Sovereign Hill: Experience The Lights
  • Perth: Explore The Nightlife
  • Queensland: Enjoy a Sicilian Themed Party
  • Lord Howe Island: Meet Santa
  • Melbourne: Go On A Cruise
  • Perth: Visit Wellington Square
  • Sydney: Experience A 65-Year Old Boxing Day Tradition
  • Australia: Check Out The Christmas Lights
  • Melbourne: Spend Christmas in Luxury
  • Gold Coast: Attend Beach Celebrations
  • Canberra: Visit Gelebe Park
  • Adelaide: Visit Santa’s Wonderland
  • Geelong: Attend Christmas Festival Of Lights 2019

A unique experience that everyone should live at least once in their lifetime!

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