Arachova: A Greek Winter Destination

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If you are looking for a Greek winter destination where you can combine various activities, then Arachova is a perfect choice.

Many tourists prefer Arachova because of the excellent ski facilities, but also for its connection with Delphi’s town. The cobbled streets and the picturesque architecture show a beautiful place where you can enjoy the cold days of the year.

What to do?

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Stroll in the streets of traditional Arachova

What is the first thing you do when you visit a new place? A stroll in the streets, of course! A tour in Arachova’s main square, Lakka, which is full of shops and in the picturesque alleys, is a must.

Visit Arachova’s church

You need to climb 264 steps from the central road to reach Saint George’s church; however, the view of the village will reward you.

Visit Arachova’s clock and Folklore Museum

Arachova’s clock, built on a cliff, is the hallmark of the village, and next to it, you will find the Folklore Museum.

Hiking and skiing to Parnassus

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Are you a hiking and skiing lover?

Mount Parnassus is located above Delphi and offers unlimited and scenic views of the countryside. There are many mountaineering routes and the European long-distance path, called E4.

Parnassus is also well known for the biggest ski slope in Greece, which consists of 19 ski slopes with a length of 36 km.

Visit to Archaeological Museum in Delphi

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If you love history, then you need to dedicate a lot of time in this place. In the ancient area of Delphi is the Temple of Athena Pronaias, which includes the famous Dome of Delphi. It also contains two mosques, one dedicated to Apollo and one in Athena. Don’t overlook to visit the Ancient Stadium of Delphi and the Ancient Theatre, which are one of the best-preserved sights. Additionally, a visit to the Αrchaeological Μuseum is imposed since it is one of the most important in Greece.  At a few meters away from the Archaeological Museum in Delphi, you have the chance to explore the sacred natural spring of Parnassus, Castalian, where Pythian, priests, and the temple’s staff, but also all the visitors who needed a prophecy from the Oracle used to wash themselves.

Tip: You should try Arachova’s cheese, Formaela, and the famous Arachova’s wine.

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