Amazing Greece Virtual Tours – Part 1


Greece Virtual Tours

Amazing Greece Virtual Tours – Part 1: In previous articles, we travelled you to museums and national parks, and now it’s time to show you the beautiful Greek civilization.

In the first part, we will travel you in amazing Greece Virtual Tours exploring Arachova, Parnassos, and Delhi as well as Chalcidice and Corfu.

Delphi, Parnassos, Arachova

We begin our journey from the archaeological site of Delphi, where the virtual tour will take us to the ancient stadium of Delphi and the ancient Theatre, among others.   Then we will continue the virtual tour in the Castalian Spring, the holy spring that washed Pythia, the priests and the temple’s staff, as well as those who wanted to consult the oracle and Pythia.   Afterwards, we will admire the mount Parnassos which offers unlimited and scenic views of the countryside, and owns the largest ski slope in Greece.   We will complete the virtual tour with the sunset in picturesque Arachova which it is preferred from many tourists due to the popular ski facilities and its connection with the city of Delphi.


This virtual tour will take us to Aristotle’s land, to locals’ life and to the magnificent beaches of this Greek treasure.  See the tour here.


Corfu is one of the favorite Greek Islands.  On the virtual tour, we will explore the beauties of the island, the old town, which is included in UNESCO’s list, the port, and the civilization in general.

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