Amalfi Coast – One of the most beautiful regions in Italy

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One of the most beautiful regions in Italy! The photos in various social media reveal a beautiful place that all you have to do is take your summer mood and indulge yourself in magical vacations in the Mediterranean landscape of UNESCO.

The houses are built on the mountain offering you the unobstructed view of the sea from any point you look.

You will be enchanted by the “Emerald Cave” which is flooded with a bright blue or emerald light, and you will be impressed by the medieval Roman Catholic cathedral in Del Duomo square, dedicated to St. Andrew.

amalfi 1200x700Do you want to see the infinity? Here, you can! In the “Terrace of Infinity” located in Villa Cimbrone. Today it operates as a hotel; however, its gardens are open to the public. Isn’t that enough? We have another one. The Villa of Rufolo is also accessible where the Torre Maggiore Tower offers you spectacular views of the villa and the Amalfi coast.

On the Amalfi Coast, there are other cities next to each other; so, if you want to spend more time in this place look at the most famous Sorrento, Positano, and Praiano.


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Sorrento is the beginning of the coast and is ideal for day trips to Naples and Pompeii. Additionally, if you love art, in Sorrento you will find the museum Correale featuring collections of Neapolitan painters dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. We also recommend the square Torqueto Tasso, ideal for your shopping.



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The most famous of them all! Every year, many people visit this city and is known for its pastel-colored houses. In this town, you will experience the nightlife in the glittering seaside bars, restaurants, and clubs. It is important to know though that this place is a resort for rich and famous people and so is the most expensive one.



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The city located right between Amalfi and Positano. Praiano is the most romantic city on the coast and is famous for its beautiful sunsets. It is also one of the cities that the Sentiero Degli Dei (Path of the gods) starts, ideal for hiking. Click here for details. Lastly, don’t forget the relaxed moments at the charming Marina di Praia beach.

We have already put this place on the bucket list, you?


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