A weekend in beautiful Thessaloniki, Greece

thessaloniki coverThessaloniki is the city of Great Alexander and is worthy of paying a visit.  It is a city where you can stay for many days combining your trip with nearby destinations like Chalkidiki or for an escape in the weekend.

Whatever you choose, you will have a beautiful time either with your family or friends.

What to do?

Visit “Laladika” for food and drinks.  This area is the landmark of the city and is a beautiful place with a variety of choices.

leukos pirgosTake a walk in the waterfront of the city; a great idea for Sunday morning.  There, you will find boats offering a tour to the beautiful sea of Thessaloniki including food and drinks.  You can also find the White Tower – a monument and museum, and the statue of Great Alexander.

Thessaloniki is famous for the excellent prices its shops offer to the customers, so we recommend dedicating a few hours to shopping.

kamara 2Take a walk in the streets of the city where you will find the Arch of Galerius or else known as Kamara – a meeting place for residents and visitors, the Church of St. Demetrius and Aristotelous Square.  Moreover, in the street below St. Demetrius church, you will see the Old Roman Agora of Thessaloniki.  And all this can be seen in a couple of hours, starting from the White Tower point.

Lastly, you can experience the nightlife of the city hosting famous Greek singers.  We recommend though to have a look at the programs in advance, as they are taking place in specific periods.


So, shall we escape for a weekend to Thessaloniki?


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