A Journey to the Cycladic Islands, Greece

A Journey to the Cycladic Islands, Greece – Everyone almost knows that the Greek islands constitute one of the most popular tourist destinations for both Greeks and tourists.  The clean beaches, the excellent Greek food, the rich history, the fun, and the tranquillity are keys to heavenly holidays.

The Cyclades is an attraction for thousands of tourists as it is the largest island complex in the Aegean, including 33 islands (with Naxos being the largest island in both area and population) and popular destinations such as Mykonos, Santorini, and Paros.

Our team chose a trip to 13 islands that we are sure will satisfy every traveler.  So, sit comfortably, put on your seat belt, and enjoy the journey:


Cycladic Islands

An ideal place for any age, with friends or the other half but also with your family.  Chora, the capital, welcomes you as soon as you reach the island, with the imposing “Portara” opening the gates leading to the island’s exploration.

The atmosphere? Magnificent! White houses, paved alleys, beautiful beaches (Plaka, Psili Ammos, Agios Mamas, to name a few), and traditional taverns offer you a very summery and pleasant mood.  Excursions around the island, visits to Chora’s Museum and monasteries, and diving are some of the activities you can do.


andros web

A beautiful island worth seeing its beauties!  Cosmopolitan resorts, traditional villages, important sights, incredible caves, and well-preserved mansions make up the island’s picturesque scenery.

We were lucky enough to visit Batsi (the first village on the island) and had a fantastic time.  Click here to see what we’ve done.


Cycladic Islands

We’ve heard so much about this island!  Located between Sifnos and Naxos, it is one of Greece’s most popular destinations for the summer holidays. In Parikia, the capital, a magical setting unfolds in front of you with the dominant color of white and blue.  You will see everywhere blooming flowers in the houses’ windows, and the picturesque neighborhoods exude the perfect summer mood.

There are important sights, such as the Archaeological Museum of Parikia, the Venetian castle ruins, and the monastery of Panagia Ekatontapyliani that are worth visiting.  Don’t overlook to travel 10 km from Parikia to find yourself in beautiful Naoussa.


antiparos web

Antiparos is very close to Paros and attracts many tourists in recent years.  The capital is Chora, and you will find many small islets – it is worth visiting Despotikos with great archaeological significance.

Enjoy the Greek cuisine in the taverns, in the port, and see the most famous Cave of Antiparos on the hill of Agios Ioannis.  Choose quiet and relaxed moments on the beaches of Sifneikos, Psaralykes, and St. Giorgis.


Cycladic Islands

An island connected to the monastery of Panagia tis Tinou is known as the island of the Virgin Mary (Panagia).  Hundreds of locals and foreigners visit the island to worship the Virgin Mary and discover one of Greece’s most beautiful islands.

Important sights unfold their history, and the beaches (Stavros, Agios Marcos, Porto, and Kionia) are ready to offer you what you deserve – relaxation and tranquillity.  Also, get on a boat and discover other islands-treasure of the Cyclades.


syros web

Syros is the capital of the Cyclades and is a maritime and commercial center.  The neoclassical buildings show off the richness of the island and combine tranquility and fun.  Walk the picturesque streets of the island, discover the restaurants and entertainment centers, and indulge in the place’s magic.  And if you want, try your luck at the island’s casino.  It is unnecessary to mention your stop on the crystal-clear beaches of the island.


Cycladic Islands

One of the loveliest holidays we went on! We enjoyed our trip to Ios and shared it with you.  See here.


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Santorini is one of the most talked-about islands worldwide, and we were curious to see it, as everyone is talking about the sunset.  Click here to see what to do.


Cycladic Islands

Between Serifos and Paros, you will find another beautiful Cycladic island, ideal for a peaceful holiday.  Explore the island with walks in the alleys, and excursions to the monasteries of Agios Spyridonas and Panagia tis Ammou.  Taste the Greek cuisine in the taverns of the island and relax on the excellent beaches.


milos web

The “Aphrodite of Milos”, the volcanic landscape, the Castle in Chora, the ancient theatre, the museum, the catacombs of the Paleo-Christian era, and the turquoise waters that host magnificent caves make up another beautiful island of the Cyclades.  Do not forget the cafes, taverns, and bars that satisfy every taste.


kythnos web 2

The picturesque villages, the beautiful beaches, the traditional architecture, and the unique landscapes create the perfect destination for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. A must visit is the seaside resort Loutra, 4.5 km away from Chora and 11km from Meriha’s port.  Loutra is known for the thermal springs of Ayioi Anargyri and Kakkavou, which become an attraction for many tourists.


mykonos web

A destination perfect for friends!  The frantic fun on the beach starts in the morning and ends late at night.  Mykonos is one of the most famous Greek islands and perhaps the most cosmopolitan destination in Greece. The windmills, the white houses, and the island’s natural beauties create a small earthly paradise for hundreds of tourists in the summer.


Cycladic Islands

Last but not least, we have Serifos, located between Sifnos and Kythnos.  The 75 enchanting beaches, the white houses, and the picturesque cobbled streets powerfully demonstrate the Cycladic atmosphere where it charms every visitor.  Here, you will experience absolute calm and harmony!

These are the 13 islands we have chosen for our list!  Which ones are you choosing?  Tell us in the comments section.

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