9+1 things to do in Beirut, Lebanon

bannerThe City of Contrasts! A wealthy town but also a poor town. On the one hand, some areas are bounced back from the 2006 civil war, showing the wealth, but on the other, there are a lot of deprived areas. On the one hand, people with the most luxury cars, but on the other people with motorcycles carry all their family members.

We traveled to Beirut, in Lebanon, and we share our experience.

mosque1. We went to Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque. We thrilled from the interior, where the large chandeliers were decorating the mosaic walls

2. We walked in the streets, Gouraud and Armenia, where there are a lot of restaurants and bars, and we saw Beirut’s nightlife. The small bars located in the specific area were a surprise.

downtown3. We walked; we did some shopping and tasted Beirut’s delicacies in the downtown. This area is one of the richest and well maintained. There are chain shops but also the most famous brands. However, it is essential to know that the prices are much higher in comparison with other European cities because of the taxes.

Important Info: For purchases over $100, you can claim tax returns at the airport. However, you will get your money in Lebanese pounds.

Additionally, at the beginning of the downtown area, you will find the symbol “I love Beirut,” a point for photos.

music4. We had a great night at the MusicHall Waterfront, where every 15 minutes a band is presenting songs from various countries in the world. It was an excellent program, and something different. We highly recommend it!

cave5. We admired the stalactites and stalagmites in the Jeita Grotto cave. It was the first time that we saw this phenomenon, and it was awe-inspiring. It was like a piece of art created by the most experienced painter. The cave consists of two levels, the upper and the lower, and its age is 6 million years. We learned that it takes 100 years for a 1-centimeter stalactite or stalagmite to be created and the depth of the river (in the lower level) is up to 5 meters.

Important Info: The ticket was $12, and the tour was about 1.5 hrs. Cellphones or cameras are not allowed, and you have to place them in lockers. That was disappointing, as we could not capture this extraordinary phenomenon.

6. We went to Harissa village where “Notre Dame du Liban” is located, and we gazed Beirut from the top. The view is spectacular! We took the teleferique back to town, having the chance to see the city from another angle. The ticket was $5 (one-way).

marina7. We walked and had lunch in Marina De Beirut. This area is one of the most prosper and beautiful. The modern buildings, combined with Marina’s design, add a different character to the city.

8. We did our walk and had desserts at ABC mall. The desserts were excellent, and the mall’s design beautiful and warm.  However, the prices were quite high.

food9. We had dinner and lunch in two famous restaurants in Beirut. Lebanese cuisine was one of the best we tasted. The food was plenty, and you could not resist to the Lebanese desserts. It was excellent!


In the last years, more and more people have been visiting Beirut. It’s a different city and worth seeing!




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