8 Stops you must do during your trip at Sofia, Bulgaria

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Adorable, economical and quick choice!

We went, saw and we will suggest you the best things / tips in Sofia. This city gives you what it has promised and it’s a worthwhile choice!

8 Stops you must do during your trip at Sofia, Bulgaria

sf 9 ba 11) Sofia Center / Vitosha Boulevard: A huge pedestrian street with many shops, cafes, restaurants and bars that cater to all tastes.

sf 5 12) It is a must to try the Bulgarian cuisine in one of the traditional restaurants of Sofia. Their cuisine is amazing! The most famous restaurant with Bulgarian cuisine and music is Hadjidraganov’s Houses. If you plan to visit it though, you need to make a reservation prior as its always full!

3) In Sofia you will find 2 very big shopping malls

sf 4 1a) Sofia Ring Mall
Which in addition to the hundreds of shops and many restaurants and cafes it has as a reference point the amazing Go Kart Track which is located in its basement.

b) Sofia Paradise Center
Which is the largest shopping mall in the Balkans and you literally need more than 2 days to fully explore it.

4) Sofia is renowned for its nightlife and the many impressive nightclubs that cater to all tastes. The 2 most famous night clubs are Megami Club and Bedroom Club.

sf 13 15) Life in Sofia is very cheap and is considered a great shopping destination.

Tip: You can go anywhere you want, anytime you want using the metro, tram and public buses.

sf 11 16) In Sofia you will see many imposing old buildings that are worth visiting and photographing. Some of them are:

a) Gendovich House
b) St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
c) Central Mineral Baths
d) Ivan Vazov National Theatre

7) If you have the time you can arrange one day to go for hiking at the imposing Vitosha Mountain which is a breath away from Sofia and is 2000 meters high and it will give you a breath-taking view. Thus, making Sofia the only capital in Europe that has such a high mountain right next to it. Access to Vitosha Mountain is very easy as there are buses that take you there in 45-50 minutes.

sf 6 1There are about 30 different museums in Sofia. Some of the most well-known are:

a) National History Museum
b) Earth and Man National Museum
c) Sofia History Museum
d) National Archaeology Museum

Tip: There are many taxis in Sofia that are illegal and charge tourists double or even triple tariffs. I always recommend taking a taxi from YELLOW or O.K. because they are considered reliable companies.

Sofia is ideal for people who want to travel on a specific budget as it gives you so much with so little money.

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