8 reasons to visit Tanzania, East Africa

tanzania cover How many of you have heard of Tanzania? We were not aware of the existence of this destination until recently, where one of our friends has enriched our geographical knowledge.  It is a fact that when we choose our next travel destination, many of us think of places that are close to the country where we live or even the most “known” travel destinations that are displayed in the media or by word of mouth. But few people will look for a destination that differs from these “known” destinations and for a life that has no luxuries but the simplicity of nature (sometimes wild) and people.

We found 8 reasons to include Tanzania in your bucket list of future destinations.

1. Discover the wild nature

tanzania safari photoSome people are fascinated to see a documentary that shows the wildlife of Africa.  Well, what’s better than having her right in front of you.  From lions to zebra, elephants, leopards, and other animals will be on your way if you choose to give in to the sport… of Safari.  They will guide you through their own home, showing you their way of life, leaving you excited (or even frightened).  Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are the two most popular areas for this activity.  You can explore the wilderness and from above if you choose the Balloon Tour.

2. Explore the seabed

divingIf you like diving, then prepare yourself for beautiful discoveries at the bottom of the most famous beach of Zanzibar Island, which is 15 miles away from the coast of Tanzania.  Apart from the dazzling view of the sea with its turquoise waters, the Swahili coast includes excellent scuba diving spots that will satisfy every diver.  On the other hand, if you like the surface of the sea, you can indulge in the charm of sailing or even enjoy the sun.

3. Climb to the highest mountain in Africa

kilimantzaroHere we have hiked.  Do you like it?  A lifetime experience since you have the chance to climb Mount Kilimanjaro where it offers you a great view of the Furtwängler’s Glacier.  Climbing a scenic route, you will reach the 5895 meters high, which gives you awe and gratitude for this journey of life.  Proper programming with the right guide is the key to this activity.  Oh, and make sure you prepare your body with the appropriate workout so that nothing stands in the way of conquering the mountain.

4. Walk in the city of Freddie Mercury

stone townDo you like the Queen band?  If so, you will have the opportunity to walk the streets of the city where the legendary member of the band was born, Freddie Mercury.  Which is this town? Of course, Zanzibar.  In addition to the wonderful day you will have on the beach, you will be able to explore the Stone Town, a UNESCO heritage site.

5. Meet the Maasai

maasai 2We wouldn’t recommend you to be in Africa without visiting a Maasai village.  An exciting experience that it is worth living.  The Maasai Warriors will welcome you with their way showing you a different way of life.

6. Exploring African art

The cultural center that hosts African art and paintings is located in the Arusha region of Tanzania.  I’m sure it’s something different from what you’ve seen.

7. With a… Bike

bikeOne of the most beautiful experiences you can live with is to explore Tanzania on a bicycle.  The ride on the coffee plantations, tropical forests, paved and bumpy roads can only create excitement.

8. Find your own Kanga

Leaving Tanzania do not forget to buy the garment Kanga, the well-known garment of Africa, which certainly is worth the effort to incorporate it in the collection of your souvenirs.  It is said, that depending on the way you wear them or the patterns they exhibit, they can reveal the state of your life, your plans for the day or even your mood.


The best season to visit Tanzania is in July and September – December, so this is the right time to book your tickets.  So, get prepared for one of the most exciting journeys of your life.



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