7 Unusual Things to Do in Greenland

7 Unusual Things to Do in Greenland – Are you a lover of unusual holidays?  Dog sledding, travelling in icy fjords, visiting deserted villages, green mountains, glaciers, icebergs and hot springs and staying in an igloo can be part of your next unforgettable holiday.

Greenland is the world’s largest island, lying between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, and there is nothing usual there.  Even the transportation between towns can be done only by boat, airplane, sled or snowmobile.

Shall we explore the 7 unusual things to do in Greenland?

1. Overnight in a glass Igloo

Unusual Things in Greenland

Have you ever slept in a glass igloo?  No? Then Greenland is the right place to live this amazing experience! You can admire the sky in all its glory – the abundance of stars during the night and the colourful sky during the morning.  Where can you find it? In the hotel Kakslauttanen – truly wonderful.  Click here for info.

2. Explore the glaciers by boat or ferries


You don’t have the opportunity to explore glaciers in every destination.  So, one of the must things to do is a cruise to explore the immense glaciers which look like floating sculptures.  The most visited area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site is the Disko Bay where you can witness the most impressive glacier named Sermeq Kujalleq.

3. Dog Sledding and Snowmobile tours

Unusual Things in Greenland

In Greenland, you will find many tour operators offering dog sledding and snowmobile tours in the areas of Disko Bay, Tasiusaq fjord, Qaanaaq and Thule.  The only thing you have to do is to find the one that suits you and indulge to a great adventure in the snowed mountains of Greenland!

4. Walk on the Ice Cap from Kangerlussuaq


This is for the hiking lovers.  In the small town Kangerlussuaq you can hike in the Arctic Circle Trail or in the Sugarloaf Mountain where you will live the top ice-hiking experience.

5. A bath in the Hot Springs

Unusual Things in Greenland

Did you ever take a bath in a hot spring?  If not, here you can do! The springs in the Uunartoq are ideal for bathing because of the perfect temperature.  Spoil yourself with a few moments of relaxation, while admiring the amazing mountain peaks.  You can access Uunartoq with a boat ride from the town Ilulissat.

6. Discover the oldest rock of the world


The oldest rock on Earth is in Greenland dates between 3.7 billion and 3.8 billion years old! Wow!  Wouldn’t it be amazing to see this geological miracle?  Here, you can find more details

7. Flight seeing


Seeing Greenland from the windows of a helicopter is an opportunity of a lifetime. The overview of country’s formation, from oceans to fjords to mountains to the inland area and the ice is a must see for any traveller.

These are the 7 unusual things to do in Greenland.  Would you ever go?  Tell us in the comment section

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