5+1 reasons to visit Budapest

budapest banner 1A city of character
And certainly does not look like any other capital in the world! It has rich architecture and historical heritage.

The Danube River is the one that separates the Buddha and Pest and the point which has life and more things to do is Pest.

Why you should visit Budapest?

 # 1. It has been selected the first European capital for 2019.

budapest p1 1It is among the best destinations in Europe. For sure you will put it in your bucket list. It combines a lot together and has a unique beauty.

Tip: 3-4 days are ideal in Budapest – and you can walk through it.


# 2. To take a walk at the 4 impressive bridges.

budabest p2A unique experience to cross through Danube and at the same time enjoy the incredible view of Budapest.

The 4 famous bridges are: Chain Bridge, Margaret Bridge, Liberty Bridge, Queen Elizabeth Bridge.


Tip: The photos you see on the social networks and you see the attractions in horizontal form are from the opposite shore.


# 3. To see the panoramic beauty of the city

budapest p1To see the panoramic beauty, you need to go to the Szabadság Szobor statue on the Gellert hill.

To reach the top of it, is necessary to climb the whole mountain and you will need more than 30 minutes, but it will be your daily workout. A bit tiring but the view will make you forget about it.


# 4. You will be impressed by the architecture of the city

budapest p4You will understand what history and heritage mean as you walk along the most famous pedestrian street in Hungary, Vaci Utca, which is full of restaurants, shops and cafes.


Tip: We would suggest you to stay at hotel that is close to Vaci Utca Street, this way your transportation will be easier.


# 5. To visit the famous thermal spa

budapest web 2It is famous all over the world and is an experience that if you are a lover you will be excited.

Széchenyi Bath in Budapest is Europe’s largest thermal spa and one of the city’s most popular destinations. It has 18 swimming pools, 10 sauna rooms and a hammam.


# 6. To treat yourself by eating a sweet from Gerbeaud

budapest p6We went to Gerbeaud during our staying in Budapest.

You will be impressed by the treats and excited with the macarons. It’s located at the end of Vaci Utca square.


Tip: You should arrange  a one-day trip to Painter City. It is only 45 minutes from Budapest and is called Szentedre. Its like a Colourful feast!



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