5+1 Ideal Destinations for Bachelor Party

5+1 Ideal Destinations for Bachelor Party – And the time is coming!  In a few months you’re getting married and what you want is to throw a bachelor party with your friends.  You want something different, in other places where you can combine holidays with fun.  Don’t worry, we’re here for you!

Here, are the 5+1 ideal destinations for bachelor party:

Ibiza, Spain

5+1 Ideal Destinations Bachelor

One of the ultimate spots for a bachelor party is Ibiza.  Golden sand beaches, interesting activities and clubbing until the morning hours, make this destination ideal for every man.

Best period: The best time to organize your bachelor is during the months May – October – the rest of the year very few clubs and restaurants are open.

Activities:  Sailing, booze cruise, paintball lounge party, Go-Kart racing, surfing, attend a famous pool party

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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When you think about your bachelor party, one of the destinations that comes to mind is Amsterdam.  And you’re right because it’s considered one of the top destinations for this purpose.

Best period: The best period is April – May and September – October

Activities: Spree in the best clubs, exploring the Red Lanterns area, cycling on the city streets, mini cruise

Mykonos, Greece

5+1 Ideal Destinations Bachelor

The island of winds but also of fun! The positive energy, the frenetic fun in the beach bars, and the ethereal beings, make this destination ideal for a bachelor party.

Best period: The best season is of course the summer when the summer mood becomes an ally in one of the best parties of your life.

Activities: Fun, fun, fun!

Las Vegas, USA


The first destination that comes to mind when you want to throw a party in America, not any party though. We’re talking about your bachelor party! Perhaps the most unforgettable party of your life!

Best period: In summer but be prepared for very high temperatures.  November and December follow, with many discounts at the casinos.

Activities: Casino night, a road race at the Motor Speedway, a helicopter tour and lunch at The Grand Canyon

Cabo San Lukas, Mexico

5+1 Ideal Destination Bachelor

Who doesn’t want to visit Mexico, especially when it comes to his bachelor party?  Cabo San Lukas is considered the perfect destination as it combines everything such a party need.

Best period: The best period is considered May – June and October – November

Activities: Cruise to the beautiful and crystal-clear waters, sailing, snorkelling, golf, clubbing

Ios, Greece

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Another island in Greece famous for its frenetic fun.  Unique beaches, hotels and clubs that stand deservedly at the height of the occasion.

Best period: Summer

Activities: The main activities on this island are none other than relaxation and fun.  Find out here more

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