5 Things you can do in Malta

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Malta is a place that a lot of people would like to visit, so we traveled, and we’ve picked up the top 5 things that are “must” to do in Malta so you won’t waste time!

Tip: 3 full days are enough to meet Malta – (we suggest a car rental in order to get your
transportation easier)

What you should do:

malta town1. Visit St’Julian, Valletta – we suggest you stay in this area because it is a tourist area that is
close to the sea, the restaurants, the shops and many bars so you will enjoy your drink in the

2. It’s worth to visit Mdina – where is the old town with the castles. A walk through the narrow
streets will take you back to time.

popeye village web 23. Visit the Popeye’s village – in Mellieha, in Malta is the true fishing village of Popeye. It is so
nice but at the same time fairy-tale village, as it is whole little village with various activities
to keep you busy. When we think of Malta, we say “Popeye’s village”.

malta sea web4. Enjoy the blue waters of the sea to relax and try their food that is excellent, after all you are
on vacation!

5. Arrage an excursion to Gozo – it’s the island of Calypso where she was holding Odysseus as a
captive, it’s so nice stayed as it was! In order to go to Gozo, you will have to go to the
northernmost point of Malta at Cirkewwa harbor and get a ferryboat that will take you there
in about 20-30 minutes. Visiting Gozo is ideal for a day trip!

Tip:  In Malta you will feel that you are in another time – do not expect the European elements / features that are across Europe.

Each destination is special and unique!


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