5 Destinations for Easter!

Easter is a period that we all look forward to coming, having some vacations with our family, friends or partner to attractive destinations.

Others want to travel to a destination where along with the activities will combine the unique customs of Easter, others in an exotic destination where the only interest is to enjoy the beach and the sun, others in a European destination and so on.

The team of Travel Le Monde recommends below the five destinations that are ideal for this time of the year and the best attractions to see.  So, are you ready to pack for your next destination?

Corfu, Greece

kerkyraThe first destination is Corfu, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, rich in history and tradition.  The locals celebrate Easter with great brilliance having various events throughout the Great Week.  Among the customs are the mourning marches from the Philharmonic, the breaking of betides and the fireworks on the night of the Resurrection.  Moreover, this year, the Easter period is ideal for beach lovers as they can enjoy the sea waters and the sun already.  Corfu, is also available for various activities such as water skiing, scuba diving, horseback riding, and hiking.  If you like the history and the sights you will see archaeological sites that dominate over the port of Corfu such as the Old and New Fortress, the Wine Museum and the male monastery of the Holy Monastery of Panagia Paleokastritsa.  And if the above is not enough, we recommend a visit to the neighboring villages of the island – Agios Stefanos, Kaminaki and Kalami.  Click here to plan your vacation as suitable for you.

Also, we recommend you book your bus and ferry boat tickets through and to the island beforehand for convenience.


Viti Levu, Fiji

viti levu fijiThe white sandy beaches, resorts, spas, and adventures are the ideal backdrop for most people when it comes to travel.  If you are one of them, then we recommend the destination Viti Levu in Fiji Islands.  The destination is ideal for you and your friends, family, and couples who are looking for a more romantic vacation.  The Peak season for this destination is in April – May, and December – January.  Viti Levu is the Fiji’s main island and its city, Nadi, offers adventures as well as tranquility to the traveler, making this destination one of the best places to spend the Easter celebrations. We recommend you see Nananou-i-Ra which is ideal for activities such as swimming, windsurfing, fishing, and sailing.  In the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, you will see 2000+ types of orchids but also you will enjoy moments of calmness and relaxation in the places that are offered for picnics.  You can also follow the various paths that exist at the point.  In addition, we recommend you to pay a visit to the Sri Shwa Subranea Temple where it is a colorful religious temple reflecting the Fiji’s Indian population.

You can see the above activities in detail but also find more destinations and attractions here.


San Juan, Puerto Rico

san juan puerto ricoIf you’re looking for a vacation to an exotic destination, then what’s better than San Juan in Puerto Rico.  Whether you’re with your family, friends or partner, San Juan will offer you a variety of activities for relaxing moments and adventures.  The Peak season is December – July, and the temperature in April ranges from 24° to 28° degreesIn San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, you’ll find nice hotels, bars, and casinos.  In the old town of San Juan, you will be thrilled by the colorful colonial buildings of Spain, fortresses, and monuments, so we suggest you include it in your list of activities.  If you wish to escape to a beach and do absolutely nothing but enjoy the sun and the sea, then you can visit the tropical beaches of San Juan.  You may check and choose the one that suits you best here.  Also, the city is famous for its nightlife where you can have fun in the bars of Brava, Kronos and La Rumba.  Click here for info on how to access those nightclubs.  On the other hand, if you are a food lover, you will certainly not be disappointed, since the city was voted the best Caribbean island for food.  And last but not least, if you want to try your luck, check out the casinos in the area and we’ll just wish you a stroke of good luck!

For the end, we recommend to pay a visit at the shops, a favorite activity, mainly for the women.  At the “Plaza Las Americas” department store you will find almost everything!

So what are you waiting for?  Take your swimsuit, your sun cream, and your hat and let’s go to San Juan!


Cairo, Egypt

cairo egyptWe all know of the high temperatures in Cairo during summer, therefore what best to be there during the Easter holidays when the weather is still quite good.  The trip to Cairo turns to be a different experience as this town is known for its history, Pyramids, Royal mummies, and rich culture.  In this trip, you will meet the famous Great Pyramids and Great Sphinx which are located in Giza Necropolis or else known Giza Pyramid Complex and it is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  In the area, you will also see the cemeteries, workers’ village and the industrial complex.  The door opens at 06:00 am until 10:00 pm.  It is recommended to get a camel to go around the area due to the long distances between the attractions.  Furthermore, a visit to the Cairo Museum is recommended.  The museum opens at 09:00 am until 05:00 pm daily except Thursday where reopens at 5:30 pm until 09:00 pm.  There, you will see more than 120,000 pieces of Egyptian antiquities, therefore make sure to have plenty of time in front of you as the estimated time to see them all is more than 2 hrs. And the last historical attraction we recommend is the Saladin Citadel of Cairo where museums and the Mosque of Muhammad Ali is situated.  And after all these historical attractions, you deserve a little bit of leisure time in one of the main attractions, Khan el-Khalili.  The bazaar is full of goods, clothes and souvenirs traveling you back in time.  The place is open from 09:00 am until 05:00 pm.  Click here for more attractions and activities.  Are you ready for a trip back to time?


Split, Croatia

split croatiaAnd for the last destination, we recommend Split in Croatia.  The peak period for Split is from April to September; therefore it is a convenient destination for your Easter holidays.  The weather in April varies from 11° to 18° degrees, so it is an ideal temperature to go around attractions without discomfort.  What can you do in Split?  Well, the Diocletian’s Palace is offered for a visit which is open 24 hrs a day.  The Palace is situated in the center of the city with easy access to Riva Promenade where many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops offer you rest after sightseeing and, of course, leisure moments in the evenings.  To add a few colors in your trip, we recommend a visit to the Mestrovic Gallery, an art museum, featuring the most significant works of Mestrovic.  The museum opens at 09:00 am until 3:00 pm.  And, if you are a nature lover then a visit to Marjan – Forest Park is an ideal activity during your vacations.  The park is established on 18th February 2005 where a committee protects natural values on the territory of Split and features jogging trails, lookout points, and a botanical garden.  Click here to plan your visit to the park.  If you had enough from historical places, museums, and parks, a day on the beach Rene it is all you need to relax and enjoy the sun.  Your leisure moments can be enriched from the variety of sports activities that are offered in the area.  You may find additional attractions and activities here.


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