48 Hours in Cannes

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You may associate Cannes with the rich and famous due to the opulence of its film festival but the rest of the year, its an eminently affordable vacation spot. Perhaps you only have a weekend to enjoy Cannes though. You can still enjoy the highlights of this French Riviera spot in only 48 tiny hours.

You’ll need to fly into the Nice airport, then take a car or bus to Cannes. The lowest cost flight is from Luton. You’ll have two choices for bus routes from Nice Airport to Cannes, a direct route that takes about an hour or the slightly longer coastal route through Antibes. The buses deliver you to La Croisette, the main boulevard. If you prefer the scenic route, Cannes also has train service.

Hotels in Cannes

48 hours in Cannes

Fly or ride into Cannes during the evening or late night. Check into your hotel and get some shut-eye. Choose a hotel on the highway that runs through the center of town. The best area is the southern arc with beachfront hotels. Since 1902, The Carlton on the Croisette has housed travelers in style. Another popular choice, Les Dauphins Verts offers a family-run hotel with extremely reasonable prices. Other amazing choices include the InterContinental Carlton Hotel and the Hotel Grand Martinez. Whether you like staying in corporate hotels or in mom-and-pop hotels, Cannes provides it. In the morning, you’ll have plenty to explore in Cannes, Le Cannet to the north and the Med to the south. Beware that everything costs more at festival time which always occurs in May.

A Note about the Cannes Film Festival

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Though it runs for slightly less than two weeks per year, the Cannes Film Festival provides the item that the town is now most famous for – a star studded gala of film and movie stars. If you happen to visit it mid-May to late May, you’ll have the opportunity to attend some of its events. The days at the festival are jam packed so this option fits into any time of day. The film festival begins each day in the morning and offers events in the afternoon and evening, too. You can download the official app to keep abreast of the schedule. The festival sells multi-day passes. While open-air screenings in the Cinéma de la Plage cost nothing, screenings in the Grand Théâtre Lumière and at the Debussy require an invitation which is not transferable. Accepting an invitation to one of these screenings indicates your willingness to be photographed by the press.

Good Morning Lovely Cannes

48 hours in Cannes

Take a deep breath and enjoy the gorgeous weather of the French Riviera. On your way to a tasty breakfast, survey the handprints of celebrities along the Walk of Fame by the Palais des Festivals. Early morning lets you avoid the crowds and easily see your favorites. You can stop and compare your hands with your favorite actor or actress.

You’re faced with many delicious choices. If you want a sit-down breakfast, eat at Bagel Café or Pat & Jo Café. You can also buy breakfast on the go at the Marché Forville, the town’s main market. Try regional delicacies like socca, a chickpea pancake or assemble your own from the fresh breads, cheeses, meats, olives and tomatoes.

From Old Port stroll uphill to the district of Le Suquet, the oldest part of Cannes. Explore the fortress that once protected the town, now the Musée de la Castre. Stop at the Église Notre-Dame-d’Espérance for a bit of adventure and a breathtaking view of Cannes from looking out over the bay. Another must-see sight, the national park La Croix-des-Gardes, provides you with more than 200 acres to explore.

Late Morning Adventuring

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Turn around and head back down the hill to hop on a boat to the Îles de Lérins. Choose a ship from the Compagnie de Navigation Trans Cote d’Azur which departs from the Quai Laubeuf. The trip takes only 15 minutes. You’ll have plenty to explore on the four islands that make up the archipelago. This special set of islands does not see many tourists so you can have it to yourself – a little treasure of fig trees, history and fresh air. While most tourists shop and hit the crowded beaches on the mainland, you can step into another world.

On Île Saint-Honorat you can watch monks make wine at Lérins Abbey. They’ve been at it for centuries and if you drink, it’s worth trying it. You won’t have much chance for conversation since the monks have all taken a vow of silence.

A Creative Lunch

48 hours in Cannes

You can lunch on the island of Ste. Marguerite. You’ll find salad stalls that chop and mix the ingredients in front of you, plus two restaurants for a sit-down meal.

If you’re ready to head back to Cannes though, hop a ship back to the mainland and make your own lunch. Take a cooking class offered at La Serviette Blanche to learn a bit of French culinary prowess from its chefs.

Hit the Beach

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Throw on your swimsuit at your hotel and head to the beach. You might get invited to a beach party. Enjoy the imported sand and local waters. The sand thing is no joke. Cannes imports its sand and replaces it annually. Remember your sunscreen and soak up the warmth of the sun. When you’re ready to clean up, head back to your hotel to spiff up for a night on the town.

Enjoy the Nightlife

48 hours in Cannes

Start your evening by catching a gorgeous sunset on one of the many rooftop bars in Cannes. You might like Le Roof or Zoa Bar by the Palais Bar Lalu on Rue du Commandant André or Brown Sugar or Le Vin sur Vin. Other options include Plage du Goéland and La Chunga.

Dine in Le Suquet at the 2 Michelin-star Palme d’Or, tucked on a cobble stone lane. It serves French Provencal meals in a cozy atmosphere.

End your evening exploring Cannes by heading to one of its three casinos. You’ll find blackjack a popular game. Though it isn’t Monaco, you can play roulette.

Another Lovely Morning

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On the way to another delicious breakfast, admire the fruits and flowers at the Porte de la Misericorde, a market. You could pick up seasonal fruit for breakfast. If you need a little something more substantial, head to Le Cannet. Cross the Voie Rapide and you’ll find numerous snack bars along the Boulevard de la Republique serving traditional dishes like a rabbit with polenta.

A Midmorning Hike

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Shop the haute couture boutiques on Rue d’Antibes. Wander down to the harbor and take a walk on the beach.

Eat the Locals Lunch

Let your feet carry you to Rue Forville for lunch. The Taverne Lucullus serves a tasty seafood meal of oysters, crayfish and aioli.

After your delicious meal, shop a bit more, this time at the stores on the Croisette and the Rue Meynadier markets. The first offers designer shops while the latter provides the spots the local shop. The Rue Meynadier markets provide the spots for picking up little treasures that you’d find in most local’s homes, less pricey but genuinely French.

Absorb the Cannes Culture

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Visit the handful of museums in the area. Hop a bus or train to Antibes to visit the Picasso Museum in the Chateau Grimaldi. At Villefranche, you can view the artwork of Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon, who died in Auschwitz. She painted in hiding until the Nazi’s arrested her.

If sport is your choice, catch a football (soccer) match. The local paper, Nice-Matin, prints the schedule.

A Long, Luxurious Night Out

48 hours in Cannes

Close your last night in Cannes by beginning with an aperitif at Carlton’s cocktail bar. Alternately, you can partake in another sunset at a rooftop bar. The infinity pool at the Five Seas Hotel also offers an amazing view. Other locations to start your night off include the Radisson Blu’s bar or the beach terrace at Hotel Grand Martinez.

Explore either the dining district of Mougins on the north side of Cannes or head to Rue d’Antibes and poke down its side streets. Either way, try the fish. Pair the creamy texture of hake with mesclun, a Provencal salad featuring nine different greens with a slightly bitter flavor. The local wine, Domaine la Bouderry complements the meal.

Should you visit during summer, stroll outside in time to catch one the evening firework displays that light the night. Also, even if you visited the Croisette during the shopping-therapy, return at night to see its lights. This is also the ideal time to watch the yachts slip into the bay for the night.

Before leaving the Croisette, enjoy a nightcap. If you drink alcohol, try one of the region’s congnacs. If you do not, sip a delicious hot chocolate. The climate in this area of France provides warm nights.

Since it’s your last night in Cannes if you just are not ready to turn in yet, head to one of the hotel piano bars. Check out the one favored by both Frank Sinatra and Madonna – the Bar l’Amiral at Hotel Grand Martinez. You can wile away a few hours listening to the pianist tickle the ivories.

As tempting as it may seem, do not try to stay out all night. You’ll need a good night’s sleep before checking out of your hotel and continuing your travels through Europe.

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