4+1 Best Shopping Destinations

4+1 Best Shopping Destinations – We love shopping! To be more specific, we adore shopping!

We do not underestimate the beautiful feeling offered by a beautiful silk dress that embraces our body enhancing our femininity.  Or a lovely coat that adds a chic touch to our ensemble.  Or a fantastic bag made of quality materials completing our appearance. As Sarah Jessica Parker said in Sex and the City, “I like my money where I can see it… hanging in my closet”.   And we couldn’t agree more with that!

Best Shopping

So, herewith we recommend the 4+1 best shopping destinations:


Paris is synonymous with shopping! The elegant style of Parisian women, the fashion shows of the most famous designers, and the numerous shops on the streets of Paris turn this destination into a paradise for fashion lovers. Indulge in shopping on Champs-Élysées or Montaigne avenue, discovering amazing pieces that your body will appreciate.

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New York

New York has something for everyone!  From designer brands on Fifth Avenue to small luxury boutiques to discounted shops, you will find what you need.  Madison, Lafayette, Canal and Broadway Avenues shall also be on your list.

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Every woman is dreaming of having Italian clothes hanging in her wardrobe! And shoes! Besides, it is not surprising that some women travel to Italy exclusively for shopping.  If you are a shopaholic head up to Corso Venezia, Via Monte Napoleone, and Corso di Porta Ticinese streets for your best shopping.


Best Shopping

Another destination for shopping lovers!  A day of shopping in Madrid is one of the best experiences the city has to offer.  Shopping malls, boutiques, and markets provide a variety of various goods at all ages and for all wallets.  Calle Gran Via, Calle de Preciados and Calle de Serrano are the streets that you shall have in your mind.


Dubai is now considered the world’s most famous shopping destination.  62% of global retailers prefer Dubai, so imagine what you can find there.  The Dubai Mall in Burj Khalifa is a must as it is the 2nd largest shopping mall in the world and explore the unique boutiques on Al Safa Street.

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These are our 4+1 best shopping destinations, which are yours?  Tell us in the comments box.

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