3 Summer Places for kids in 2019!

Many times you have wondered which destination to choose which will be safe for your children and at the same time will offer them the most unforgettable vacations.  And it’s certainly not the easiest decision.  To make it easier for you, look at the proposals we believe will offer you and your children unforgettable summer vacations.


disneyland 2Disneyland, France

What to say about Disneyland!  Dozens of articles can be written about this place since it has so much to offer to our little friends.  It’s a dream for every child that becomes a reality.  He will get to know his favorite TV friends – like Mickey and his friends, Frozen, Alice in Wonderland and others.  The ultimate dream for every child!  It’s a place full of theme parks that the kids will certainly not get bored and simultaneously will live the ultimate experience! Disneyland is going to include a new theme park this year in its rich range, the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, an All-New Land, which opens its doors on May 31st.  There is also a daily schedule including parades, fireworks, events and so much more with the lovable cartoons.  As for accommodation, you can find hotel units within the property of Disneyland or use neighboring hotels.  To schedule your next vacation at Disneyland and see the schedule of each day click here.


cappadocia 2Cappadocia, Turkey

A city that slowly begins to gain the interest of many travelers as the visits reached almost half a million in the Q1 of 2019.  What makes Cappadocia popular?  We believe one of the reasons is the blimp!  And of course what’s best for a kid to travel in a blimp!  It will undoubtedly be a unique experience for them that they will tell it for years.  In Cappadocia, you will also have the opportunity to visit Caesarea, the city where Santa Claus was born.  They will meet and walk in the city of the beloved Saint of the children, and we are sure your kids will love it.


waterpark 2Limassol, Cyprus

Another small town on the European map, located in Cyprus, has begun to emerge in a beautiful destination since either with a partner, alone or with your family can offer you excellent travel experiences.  If you choose Limassol for your next vacation, we are sure that your children will love it.  What can you do?  Well, the largest waterpark located in the Fasouri area can offer you a beautiful day of fun.  The games in the water, the food, and the delicious delicacies will offer our little friends an unforgettable day.  Additionally, not forget the various sports in the sea where you can find them almost in any beach.   Also, in Troodos (the largest mountain), there are nature trails that you can explore, and at the same time, the kids will learn the importance of nature.  You can combine the visit to Troodos with a horse ride in Prodromos, a village in Troodos, where there is a park with horses.

So, what’s better than a trip with activities that will offer your children unforgettable vacations?


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