3 Beautiful Ski Destinations in Europe

ski bannerThe fact that many people travel to conquer the slopes of mountains testifies how much a favorite sport is skiing. To descend a hill at high-speed gliding on the snow is certainly something that does give you at least a feeling of freedom.

As the winter is around the corner, we found for you the best destinations with the best ski resorts.

Swiss Alps

zermatt mainWhich skier does not want to conquer the mountains of the Swiss Alps! Although you may believe it is an expensive destination or that is offered only for experienced skiers, we suggest you reconsider it. There are many affordable accommodations and slopes that dedicated to beginners. The highest region is Zermatt with a height between 2,500 and 3,900 meters and more than 2,133 meters of vertical fall. Impressive? And that’s not all. The route to the Matterhorn Glacier carries 2,000 skiers an hour at an altitude of 3,883 meters, and you can ski all year round.

On the other hand, one of the oldest and most famous winter sports resorts, St. Moritz, welcomes you to its slopes. However, it is known for its quite pricey life, so if you want something economical, you can find it in Silvaplana where it is also recommended for families. In St. Moritz you can also do other sports such as skating, sledding, and canoeing.


are sweden mainThe best ski resort in Sweden is Åre. In 2018 was voted the best Ski Center for 6th year in a row and hosted the World Cup several times. It offers slopes up to 91 kilometers and many restaurants, bars, and shops, combining the atmosphere of a city with a ski resort. It is accessible from Östersund Airport in Sweden and Trondheim in Norway. Åre Björnen and Duved/Tegefjäll are ideal for families with children and beginners.


leviLapland offers a different experience for skiers since its ski slopes are located on smaller hills next to towns and villages. They are from 500 up to more than 700 meters above the sea level and have a length of up to 3 kilometers. The largest ski resort and the most famous is Levi, followed by Ylläs, Pyhä-Luosto, and Ruka. You can arrange your trip late October to early May. Travel to Lapland at Christmas, and you’ll have a chance to have your reindeer ride. Other activities are cross-country skiing, ice fishing, and snow trekking in the beautiful scenery of the city.

So, shall we go skiing?



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