12+1 Beautiful Lakes in the World Not to Miss

12+1 Beautiful Lakes in the World Not to Miss – Sometimes nature leaves us speechless with its unparalleled beauty. 

The soils become roads for rivers turning their edge into beautiful waterfalls where the waters end up in beautiful lakes. Or lakes parts of a national park that are simply created by glaciers. Lakes that make you want to look at them for hours, lakes that lure you to the tranquillity of nature and lakes that invite you to explore them.

We found 12+1 beautiful lakes in the world that worth a visit. Let’s start:

#1 Lake Crater, Oregon USA

crater web

Lake Crater, part of the National Park, is the lake with the bluest color and the deepest in America. Its waters are crystal clear since only the rain and water from the melting snows flow through it. You can discover the magic of the lake by a 2-hour boat tour.

#2 Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

12+1 beautiful lakes

The oldest and largest national park in the Republic of Croatia is home to Plitvice lakes – the impressive Sastavci waterfalls join 12 Upper lakes and 4 Lower lakes, and the waters end up on the Korana River. For nature lovers, the park offers seven different routes and four hiking trails.

#3 Lake Baikal, Russia

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Lake Baikal in Russia is considered the deepest and largest lake in the world. It is also the oldest lake in the world and has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

#4 Lake Moraine, Canada

12+1 beautiful lakes

It’s the Instagram’s most famous lake. Hundreds of travelers who visit the lake share with us photos that we must admit are incredibly enchanting. Lake Moraine is located in Banff National Park, 14 km southeast of the village Alberta in Canada. You can explore the lake by canoe or hiking.

#5 Lake Tahoe, USA

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Lake Tahoe is located on the border of California and Nevada in America. A beautiful landscape that welcomes athletes, adventurers and ordinary travellers. Its picturesque setting becomes an attraction, and the activities offered to satisfy all ages. Explore here the place.

#6 Lake Como, Italy

12+1 beautiful lakes

If you set foot in Como, Italy, don’t miss exploring Lake Como. Lake Como offers one of the most picturesque landscapes in the world and is particularly prevalent in Italy. You can explore the lake by boat and visit neighboring areas such as Varenna and Bellagio.

#7 Lake Bled, Slovenia

bled web

A magical landscape that will definitely excite you. Lake Bled is located in Slovenia and is the symbol of the country’s beauty.  You can make your wish in the Church of the Assumption. Legend has it that if you ring the church bell, your wishes will come true. And you can discover the thermal springs in the northeast part of the lake, which supplies the bled hotel pools.

#8 Lake Kawaguchi, Japan

kawagichu web

Of the five lakes near Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi has easier access from Tokyo. In spring, it is inundated with the blossoming cherry trees and in the summer by purple lavender, creating a unique colored landscape.

#9 Lake Pehoé, Chile

pehoe web

In the National Park Torres del Paine, in Southern Chile, there is another beautiful lake called Pehoé. The surroundings are reflected in its crystal clear waters, creating enchanting views.  I’m sure the photos you take will testify to the greatness of nature.

#10 Lake Colorada, Bolivia

12+1 beautiful lakes

The reddest lake you’ll ever see in your life and the deepest. It has just a meter deep and is home to three of the six flamingo species in the world. It is an impressive and peculiar environment that will surely enchant you.

#11 Lake Annecy, France

12+1 beautiful lakes

An idyllic landscape at Haute-Savoie in France. The green waters are a magnificent sight as you enjoy your coffee or your walk on the pedestrian street along the lake.

 #12 Lake Biwa, Japan

biwa web

It’s the largest freshwater lake in Japan. The islands on the lake and the surrounding mountains provide a beautiful landscape that becomes an attraction for visitors.   Around the lake, you can explore the 17th-century Hikone Castle and the 8th-century Enryaku-ji Buddhist complex.

#13 Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

wakatipu web

In the mountains of New Zealand is Lake Wakatipu, created by ancient glaciers. A boat tour will make you appreciate the beauty of the landscape.  

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